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Shaman Yoga private education center | Ashtanga 105 hour coach system training · Xinjiang

The 13th “Ashtanga Yoga coach training course, enrollment” Ashtanga Yoga, which has wide adaptability, freedom, creativity, uniqueness, inclusiveness and comprehensiveness.

The coach training course will comprehensively analyze the theoretical knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga’s primary sequence, and deeply and specifically explain the practice methods, skills and correction techniques of each position in the primary sequence, Our teaching feature is to inspire and cultivate students’ ability to understand and master posture.

Its practice style is challenging and flexible, energy and passion, peace and joy.

Syllabus of course topics and contents obtained in the training: 30 day course teaching: 1.

Mainly explain the external and internal structure of asana.


Sanskrit chanting + counting + gaze point  introduction and series practice to boat asana.


Teach specific skills, correction techniques and Sanskrit learning.


Lead to the daily systematic training course in maiso classroom after 15 days, which will bring you the transformation of body and mind.

• Establish a personal Ashtanga maiso style • learn Sanskrit chanting • master the basic asana of Ashtanga Yoga • yoga philosophy and life practice • secret of seal locking • secret of breath regulation • this course is suitable for friends who want to study in Mysore, India.

• The purpose of this course is to promote and share the ancient practice method of Ashtanga Yoga, not a certificate.

Share the enlightenment to your life.

• No matter what kind of method you practice, the first thing is insight! If you don’t know the reason, it’s useless to practice the law.

“Reason can be suddenly realized, and things need to be gradually repaired”.

Only when you start on the right path, the result will be natural.

Yoga is a path of insight! Let’s uphold the tradition, focus on the tradition and promote the tradition.

In Shaman yoga, you will learn the original Ashtanga Yoga! Each participant can be guided and individualized to complete the course; Let all participants deeply understand that it is not only “what to practice”, but also “how to practice” and “why to practice so”? Ashtangayoga is famous for its preciseness and scientificity.

The fixed order cannot be changed and innovated at will.

Practitioners must master the front pose and continue to practice the rear pose with the permission of the teacher.

Ashtangayoga focuses on the combination of body and spirit, starts and ends with Sanskrit chanting, and pays attention to the synchronization of movement and breathing.

It is called “meditation in motion”.

Teaching usually uses Sanskrit counting, paying attention to breathing, gazing point and bandha.

Ashtanga Yoga practice follows the ancient fixed practice sequence, and its arrangement sequence structure is very scientific and reasonable.

The first part is the standing three-dimensional posture of sun style, which enables the practitioner to establish the concepts of breathing, contraction and gaze point, and establish the stability of the foundation of both legs.

The second part is sitting and standing practice, which transfers the foundation of the body from the foot to the sciatic bone, and improves the stiffness of the waist and back through forward flexion, torsion and other postures.

The third part is the inverted three-dimensional exercise, which transfers the foundation from the sciatic bone to the head and shoulders, inverts the body, strengthens the visceral function through the three binding methods, and finally enters the body straightening relaxation.

Course date: class hours: 30 days, 105 hours, training mode: full day class, 10:00 a.m.

– 13:00 a.m.

every day, next class time: February, teaching place: Shaman Yoga Railway Bureau hall, teaching teacher: Wang Haixia, suitable for friends who have practice experience, yoga teachers, etc.

and want to practice by themselves or engage in the coaching industry.

Through correct breathing, correct posture practice and correct entry mode, we can get twice the result with half the effort.

Charging standard: 5800 yuan; retraining price: 500 yuan / person (trainees who have participated in this course) will be issued with astonga coach training certificate after graduation.

Registration Tel.: 0991-3662530; 15809916361 retraining requirements: 500 yuan for the first retraining, 500 yuan for the second retraining, 500 yuan for the third retraining, and 500 yuan for forwarding the teaching and training pictures to the circle of friends for 20 days, and 25 days for forwarding the teaching and training pictures to the circle of friends.

Instructor: Wang Haixia teacher profile: after contacting yoga in 2008, I studied Hatha coach training, and contacted astonga in 2012, Deeply attracted by this unique system, I was lucky to meet Mr.

Wang Xiangdong in 2015, which opened the road of inheritance of Ashtanga Yoga.

So far, I have participated in the training courses of Mr.

Wang Xiangdong’s Ashtanga Yoga for many times every year and will continue to learn.

In 2019, I went to India to study with famous teachers.

In 2020, I participated in the workshop of the leader.

Since 2009, I have been walking on the road of yoga.

Teaching and practice have never stopped The main teaching genre is astonga, with rich teaching experience and practice experience.

Practice, practice, everything comes with it.

Every learning is another pleasure in our heart.

What we pursue is that we can learn something under pleasure.

India learning highlights share the enrollment crowd: Yoga lovers, practitioners with yoga foundation, one-year yoga practitioners-  .

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