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The 28th session of Jingmei international Yoga coach training is in hot enrollment···

The core value of yoga is the combination of yoga’s energy and fitness.

Has it become the focus of your professional development? Does it pay attention to the balance of yoga’s energy and fitness?! Our training qualification Jingmei international yoga club is an exquisite Yoga life club that focuses on carrying forward Yoga Culture and sharing yoga with yoga lovers.

Founded in 2015, the guild hall is located in Taikun City, Zichuan District, Zibo, Shandong.

The guild hall has strong teachers.

Since its establishment for 7 years, it has won wide recognition in the industry and internationally with its excellent teaching quality and good social reputation! We only do the most professional yoga studio and only teach the most orthodox yoga practice methods and professional guidance.

Jingmei international yoga has the qualifications to spread (Hatha iyengchu, medium and high) standard training courses under the systematic and perfect teaching system of the national Yoga Alliance.

Adhering to the essence of Indian traditional yoga and integrating the Yoga concept of western modern science, Jingmei international Yoga brings you truly safe, effective, practical and flexible practice and teaching methods.

The scene in the museum recruits ① those who love yoga and want to become primary practitioners of yoga teachers.

② Students in school or just graduated high school students and college students ③ white-collar workers who want to improve their image temperament and make them tall and straight ④ Yoga lovers who want to systematically learn yoga posture and understand the principles of yoga teaching ⑤ full-time wives, looking forward to going out of the family, breaking through themselves and presenting elegance and self-confidence; At the same time, I want to have an elegant job to show my independent charm ⑥ I want to have a perfect figure, super fat burning and perfect shaping ⑦ I want to start my own business People who set up yoga studios or yoga halls (assist in Entrepreneurship and sharing) ⑧ have a high-end communication circle to improve the quality of life ⑨ men (inject fresh blood into the industry) 02 teaching method 1 The theoretical teaching method is combined with the practical guidance technology method, and the two are promoted equally.


From the aspects of demonstration, observation, correction and guidance, as well as teaching style and teacher quality.


After the course, provide internship opportunities, including giving lessons to members, receiving feedback, observing others’ teaching, discussing and communicating.


Pay attention to the unique teaching mode that varies from person to person, teaches according to talents, stimulates personal potential and innovative ability.

Training content: ryt200 hour coach training course of national Yoga Federation: Hatha Yoga; hatha yoga asana pranayama; pranayama pranayama; shatkarma; classical purification method; yoganaatomy; physiological anatomy; yoga philosophy mediation; mantrachanting meditation; mantra chanting; teaching method, Courseware design and communication and interaction ability alingment & adjustment how to correct and adjust students’ postures or postures, correctly use the Yoga auxiliary tool mudras, legally introduce and practice Satsang Yoga wisdom, and share the three teaching contents 1 Interpreting and understanding the body 2 Meditation, breathing and asanas 3 Practice and yoga teaching theory section 1 Yoga anatomy 2 Asana principle 3 Covering the theoretical content of physical therapy and private education, teaching section 1 2.

Cultivating auxiliary techniques of asana Asana positive position adjustment 3 Advanced practice of asana 4 Cultivate the ability of guide words 5 Improve physical ability and skills 6 Scientific sequence arrangement system 7 Understand the teaching practice of body force point 1 Each teaching stage is arranged with corresponding teaching practice, that is, learning and using to deepen understanding 2 Arrange group classes and private teaching practice in the library according to the learning schedule, and provide member feedback 03 authoritative certification.

The national Yoga Alliance and Jingmei international Yoga undertake the training and certification of the system according to unified standards and requirements, and the national yoga instructor certificate will be awarded after graduation.

04 certification background # as an authoritative certification body of the national Yoga Alliance, its certification qualification has been recognized in 34 provinces and cities in China.

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and address 1300 1503131 / 17157717999 (wechat) Taikun store: Jingmei international yoga in Taikun City, Jiangjun Road, Zichuan District Jixiang Road store: 02 central residence, Jixiang Road, Zichuan District, opening time after the Spring Festival.

Jingmei international Yoga high-quality and healthy lifestyle pioneers are committed to bringing the world’s cutting-edge Yoga Pilates into Zichuan.

Every firm step is to constantly climb new heights in order to better lead everyone to health The road creates a professional Yoga Pilates hall full of vitality and keeping up with the fashion trend in this city.

Jingmei international yoga will Yoga Pilates together, be healthy and beautiful together in the training and enrollment of coaches in 2022.

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