New Yoga Life

The first time a girl does yoga, it’s so heartbreaking. Hahaha······

Yoga comic poses help to change a person, get rid of the awareness of only the body, and turn to the consciousness of the soul.

Just like yoga, which can not only slim down, but also relieve stress and calm people’s heart, it is a very popular fitness method for young women at present.

However, the ideal is full and the reality is skinny.

Most people said that the movement was too difficult, the body was too hard, and they couldn’t do the standard posture at all.

They gave up before entering the intermediate training.

Adriana Rodr í Guez Le ó n, an illustrator from Mexico, is also a young girl who loves yoga exercise.

While fantasizing that she can gradually improve her figure and temperament and become a goddess, she is exhausted and endures daily training.

She records the training process with a brush every day.

Looking at her loveless self in the painting, she really feels that she should go and draw.

Seemingly simple stretching, the teacher did it smoothly and quietly, but I was numb and panting.

Teacher, you should believe me.

I really can’t be blamed for this.

It’s all caused by gravity.

The teacher has been holding on for 30 seconds, but I’m still on my knees.

Well, you found out.

In fact, I’m practicing toad skill.

The lateral foot touch teacher did a good job, and I was so wronged that I almost cried.

I could only comfort myself that my spine was too hard and my legs were too long.

This action is not difficult.

I will try my best to do it very standard.

Who is not xiaogongju! what the hell? Raise your waist again! The furthest distance in the world is that the ground is clearly in front of me, but I can’t get close to it.

The teacher did it very easily, but I was weak in my waist, legs and muscles.

This action is good.

It’s better to lie down and feel comfortable.

The range is too large, which leads to the release of unidentified gas.

Hahaha, it’s so embarrassing.

Beach Yoga, the teacher’s posture is beautiful, like a beautiful scenery, and my fine sand is red, like a roasted suckling pig sprinkled with cumin.

The teacher’s temperament is like orchid, while my face is ferocious, like being tortured.

Try your best to keep pace with the teacher.

As a result, an old bone still failed to bend down.

Teacher, how long will it take? I can’t hold on! Shake, shake, this is my rhythm! It’s just a simple rollover.

Who can tell me why the teacher can always do it so easily? Is my arm too weak or my leg too thick! I didn’t say that my legs really can’t stretch straight! Don’t talk to me about balance.

I don’t know what it is all my life.

“Come on, students, follow the teacher.” “Teacher, I really can’t do it!” The teacher held it up perfectly with her abdominal muscles and kept pushing up for a long time, but my little belly lasted less than 5 seconds.

We can’t do other actions.

Meditation is definitely more standard than anyone.

I have a lot of food in my mind.

I have to wipe my saliva with a paper towel.

Finally, there is an action I can do, but my waist is too hard to stick to my face.

Teacher, I’ve tried my best.

Why is there this twist into a twist? Why do I want to learn yoga? Is the play not good-looking or the meat not delicious? Don’t you live well?! Teacher, teacher, are you sure this action is not squatting? Hold on a little longer, I’m afraid The same action has different effects.

The teacher’s legs were straight and calm, while my knees bent and I was panting.

The teacher smiled and relaxed, while my feet were stiff and my face was afraid.

The heart can only be OS: don’t fall, don’t fall, I want to stand gracefully as a tree.

Teacher, are you sure you want to twist your leg? My legs are numb and my knees hurt! “This classmate, are you going to the bathroom?” The teacher seemed to jump up with both hands on the ground, and I accidentally lost my center of gravity and landed on my face.

The teacher’s prone style is lazy and comfortable, as sexy as a cat.

And the dog planer I made is more like greeting the long live master.

There are two kinds of people in the world.

One is that the waist is as soft as water, and the other is that the bone is as hard as steel.

Two small short legs fluttering helplessly in the air, I drop an old waist! Raise your hips and close your stomach.

I can’t bear it for the concave convex lines.

Mom, my ankle hurts and I breathe heavily.

I’ll stick to it if I stare at the ground to cheer myself up.

Finally, I got to the last move.

I was directly tired and fell down.

I deeply felt that sleeping was suitable for me.

In my imagination, I am like a teacher, beautiful, sexy, elegant and charming.

In reality, I am unkempt and sweating after I finish, as if I had just come back from escape.

After so long torture, one of my favorite actions is standing in peace.

It’s very beautiful for us to stand like this without talking.

Do you think this is what you see here? Every movement is like fighting against the body.

There is a heart that loves yoga, but the lumbar spine and cervical spine are not allowed.

In fact, as long as you meet true love, whether you are tall, fat, thin, soft girl or female man, he will always love the most real you.

Be yourself bravely.

Please be confident.

Because you are a scenery, there is no need to look up in other people’s scenery.

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