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What is the standard for practicing guru yoga? — additional part of season 6 of “bright lamp · asking questions”

Question summary 1 what is the significance of the five practices of the five plus line? Is there a logical relationship within it? One of the purposes of the practice of the five plus practice is to establish a “Bodhi Heart”.

Although many elder martial brothers are practicing the five blessings, they don’t know the definition of “Bodhi Heart”.

What is “Bodhi Heart”? Question summary 3 the practice of guru yoga is very important, so what is the standard for practicing guru yoga- Broadcast platform – Hui Deng’s light website, App, Hui Deng, WeChat electric video, WeChat lights, WeChat official account, WeChat light, WeChat’s official account, micro-blog @ Hui light, ask you questions, or ask for your advice and columns..

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