Yoga & Art sharing · let life jump to your works

Yoga has been practiced four times a week.

I have experienced the ups and downs of ideas in yoga.

The most amazing thing is in the creation after yoga.

When the pen tip contacts with the paper, I confide between the pen and the paper.

I experienced my wholehearted concentration and even forgot the course being broadcast live.

In the process, we received feedback from our partners about the ups and downs of ideas.

In fact, most of the time in our life, our thoughts don’t stop.

For example, some people think too much.

Even if you just stay around TA, you will feel uncomfortable.

The most obvious discomfort is fatigue.

Research by yoga scholars has proved that thoughts do have their own weight, and you will feel internal and external fatigue after long-term accumulation.

This is the purpose of our practice, to allow or release the backlog of thoughts through practice.

If you are aware of the release process, you will realize that there are many “irrelevant” thoughts flying.

There will be a lot of resistance at the beginning of the creative part of art.

In my memory, there was a period of time when my pen could not draw on the paper; At that time, I realized that I was so surprised.

When I was evaluated by the environment, “performing” myself was always eager to try, causing internal tension.

At the beginning of our course, we don’t have to share our works.

Such relaxation will support your creation.

If you encounter works that touch the inner world and want to continue to explore, my support has been there, and I am willing to explore with you.

You can communicate with your own works, starting from the established format, and regard the works as organisms that are not related to you.

You can communicate with your works in this way: when I see you * * * * (such as color, shape, or the whole, from the visual point of view), I feel * * * * (such as joy, sadness, thinking, admiration or missing, from the emotional point of view) I imagine * * * * (such as pictures, stories, characters or places, from the visual and emotional point of view) Image is our most natural way to express ourselves, not to become an artist or let our works hang on the exhibition, but to flow the parts that we can’t express in words through non-verbal means through artistic forms.

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