Samanyu yoga Midong education and training college 𞓜 zero foundation Yoga coach class is in hot registration

If you’re tired of the nine to five routine, you’re going to change your job and increase your income.

Or do not want to be a full-time wife at home, want to make yourself healthy, beautiful and temperament, and help more people enjoy this confidence together.

If you are a college student, want to have a high paid part-time job, want to create a perfect self before stepping into the society, want to change the status quo through your own efforts, or you are willing to take yoga as a lifelong career.

Whether you have a long-term yoga practice or a yoga white, you want to enrich your life in your spare time, change to a more meaningful and healthy high paid job, or your hobbies, systematic learning, and want to improve your self-practice, image temperament and body conditioning.

As long as you have the desire to change, we can help you.

4 university learning points make transformation possible.


Leading in China – College strength guarantee > leading Yoga college in Xinjiang has formed platform systems such as body management center, chain yoga center and postpartum repair center, and has maintained close cooperation with first-class Yoga Masters and platform institutions at home and abroad.

It enables students to avoid detours from study graduation employment / entrepreneurship, and truly seize the industry opportunity! 2.

Five star teaching and learning environment · > 1- fitness yoga class certificate issued by the National Fitness Yoga Steering Committee of the social sports center of the State General Administration of sports.

> 2- shaman yoga is the only training base with a certificate issued by the Indian Rishikesh Coach Training Institute.

Shaman SAMA means being positive, energetic, correct, integrating physical health and spiritual purification, and finally experiencing a harmonious life.


Word of mouth recognition of tens of thousands of students · > it has gathered domestic first-class teaching teachers and professional teaching system, and its high-quality teaching level has been continuously praised and recognized by graduates.


Shaman Yoga four-dimensional teaching system · > systematic teaching, the combination of all-round theory and practice, can teach after graduation, and truly master high paying skills.

⌜ suitable for people ⌟ Yoga entrepreneur yoga, as a healthy exercise method, is becoming more and more popular.

Yoga lovers like yoga.

People who want to further improve themselves.

Office workers want to have free time to arrange their work.

People who realize their value can take time out to take care of their families, You can also get a free and considerate job.

In addition to being a tutor, students in school are another way to earn living expenses.

You are willing to improve your physical and mental state.

Introduction to the coach training class courses ⌟ junior and intermediate level – Tutor certification class | SAMA Yoga school system: one month for the daily class, three months for the weekend class, two and a half months for the evening class, 200 hours of study and practice.

23 learning topics are divided into three chapters, namely: body teaching Posture improvement and theoretical study.

Including: comprehensive and systematic training on 10 postures.

After the training, you can take a variety of theme yoga courses.

(1) Physical evaluation: posture, physique, body fat and improvement plan; (2) Basic course of Yoga: the meaning of yoga; The origin of yoga, the development of yoga and the different systems of Indian yoga, as well as the characteristics of various genres; (3) Yoga instructor’s code of conduct and guidelines; (4) Yoga asana course: 78 basic types of Yoga asanas, teaching passwords of asanas; (5) Yoga breath method course: the basic way of breathing, the pithy formula of breathing, and the types of breath control methods; (6) Rest technique, healthy diet, correct thinking mode.

(7) Three veins, seven chakras and the major glands in the body; (8) Yoga cleansing method: shangka bowel cleansing technique, etc; (9) Yoga meditation; (10) Advanced class of Yoga coach career planning professional advanced class SAMA yoga’s scientific practice mode is phased and step-by-step.

The advanced course is divided into five parts: posture upgrading, teaching upgrading, philosophy deepening, method upgrading and theory upgrading.

(1) Teaching practice method: the use of one-to-one correction technique in teaching, how to guide clearly and concisely, observation ability, course arrangement ability (including posture action correction method, teaching language organization method, course process design, and emergency handling); (2) Unlocking and correction of 38 advanced postures; (3) Theme teaching plan layout design: female conditioning, spinal physiotherapy, private education courses, etc; (4) Overall teaching plan arrangement and practice: including course time, structure, theme arrangement, how to relieve their psychological pressure and tension in teaching, and how to use yoga AIDS in practice and teaching; (5) In depth analysis: yoga philosophy theory; (6) The relationship between Ayurvedic medicine and yoga; ⌜ selected teaching teachers (some) ⌟ ranked in no particular order, The actual teaching is subject to the teacher assigned in the current period.

Those with excellent examination results stay in the Institute for employment.

Teacher Sha Haiyan, founder and teaching director of Xinjiang shaman Yoga Institute, studied Yoga classics under Professor Wang Zhicheng of SUMO yoga, China, partner in quality education management of Chinese teenagers, national level fitness grade II referee [Yoga road]: began to practice yoga since 2005; He has successively studied with international yoga instructors of various genres.

Hatha Yoga instructor training in fineyoga, Beijing, has successively studied Astanga Yoga for many times; Vniyasa flowyoga, hotyoga, anusarayoga system training of Canadian Patrick master and classic philosophy viniyasa flowyoga.

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