Yoga course | Hatha Yoga summer camp

There is an old story about the origin of Hatha Yoga: the wife of Shiva asked her husband to teach her yoga so that people on earth would be free from suffering, so Shiva began to teach yoga to his wife.

Their conversation was heard by a fish in the nearby pond.

The fish became a yogi matsyendra, and the inheritance of hatha yoga was started The knowledge system of Hatha Yoga is recorded in such classics as the light of Hatha, the collection of greda, the collection of Shiva and the collection of wahista.

Sivananda, kuvareyangnanda, Krishna macharya and other modern yoga masters have pushed this knowledge to the world stage, which has been widely accepted and innovated by yoga practitioners all over the world, and developed modern yoga systems with different styles and characteristics to meet the needs of different people.

In the process of Hatha Yoga being widely accepted, spread and innovated by people, its essence is gradually diluted, its far-reaching spiritual value and complete outlook on life are gradually diluted and conceptualized, and the resulting practice methods are becoming more and more functional and market-oriented.

People spend a lot of time and money to get very little nutrition, and even go in the opposite direction.

In fact, if we go back to the classic of Hatha Yoga and see the original appearance of Hatha Yoga, we will get confidence and encouragement.

Hatha Yoga is suitable for all people, whether they are the elderly or children, whether they are the king or the poor, whether they are healthy or disabled, whether they are men or women, whether they are pursuing physical health or spiritual improvement.

They can get nutrients from Hatha Yoga to help us achieve the stability, health and lightness of body and spirit emphasized in the light of Hatha.

Prima classical yoga studio will launch the summer Hatha Yoga seminar, and return to the classics and teachers’ guidance with you, from basic asana practice to cleansing and breath control.

The calmness and nourishment brought about by practice itself is self-evident.

Through practice, we will know that it takes only a small amount of time every day, but it can bring the greatest effect and bring great protection to physical and mental health.

Through 8 days of concentrated offline learning, we will understand the theory of Hatha Yoga and how to practice Hatha Yoga.

While understanding the system and structure of Hatha Yoga, we will learn how to practice independently, the effects of practice and the impact on people.

At the same time, they also learn how to arrange their own life and practice, and how to eat properly.

The 8-day continuous practice of asana, breath control method and cleansing method will bring comprehensive rest, purification and improvement to the body, mind and the whole system.

We will see the healing power brought by these ancient practices.

In the fast-paced life, each of us actually needs such periodic self-healing to establish a more optimized and long-term internal operation system.

Stopping for rest and learning will not slow down our progress, but will make us more clear about our direction, so as to achieve our goals with the minimum strength.

Learning contents ● learn the classic Hatha Yoga “Hatha light”, “yoga posture method” ● sequence combination of Classic Postures ● Yoga cleansing method ● breath control method ● Yoga rest ● meditation ● Yoga enjoyable diet learning method ● small class teaching, with a total of 12 seats and 6 people ● foreign students can choose to stay in nearby hotels or apartments, You can also apply to stay in the studio.

Study time: August 6-August 13, 2022 class time: 9:00-17:00 every day to learn ● eliminate obstacles and doubts in Hatha Yoga practice ● understand the practice order of Hatha Yoga Can carry out self practice ● physical strength and energy will be improved ● physical pain and discomfort will be relieved ● concentration and understanding will be improved ● sleep problems will be relieved ● master practical relaxation methods and meditation skills ● know how to eat will bring health to people ● yoga beginners, who want to systematically learn the theory and practice of Hatha Yoga and lay a solid foundation; ● senior yoga practitioners and professors who are still unable to enjoy self practice stably and continuously and still have difficulties and obstacles to practice and teaching; ● people who want to be adjusted and promoted physically and mentally; Learning expenses ● 8-day study and meal expenses: 4800 yuan ● early bird price: 4200 yuan (paid before July 12) registration method: add Prima customer service wechat, and pay for registration ✦ directly.

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