Boil soup | blindly worship foreign Ashtanga Yoga authorized teachers, I’m narrow!

Yoga reading notes | yoga training notes | yoga practice enlightenment | the story of Yoga people | yoga and life (the practice of Ashtanga Yoga is called “boiling soup”, which is very kind.

The “boiling soup” here is a new column.

In addition to talking about my feelings and views on daily practice, I will also add some views of ah Tang authorized teachers, hoping to help you.

After all, ah Tang pays attention to inheritance!) I have a strange obsession with ah Tang.

Maybe after reading inheritance, I always feel that the great God of ah Tang abroad has his own aura.

Among many great gods, I think eddiestern is very special.

He must not be the best at asana, but his overall feeling is very yoga teacher, very calm, exuding calm from the inside out, and he likes it very much.

In 2019, I participated in the 3-day workshop of kinomacgregor.

I have no impression of the content of the course.

Some people say that she is a yoga celebrity.

I don’t care.

Her posture is very good.

What’s more, the bright smile on her face is really beautiful.

It’s a kind of happiness emanating from the inside out, which is very infectious.

I don’t know how I fell in love with Tang.

Although I didn’t have high requirements for asana, my inexplicable favor for foreign teachers sometimes confused me.

However, teachers who can be called ah Tang God are authorized teachers of ah Tang all over the world.

If it weren’t for the epidemic, I think many foreign gods would happily come to China to open workshops, and I, as a little fan, would also go there.

The outbreak of the epidemic is like pressing a pause button, blocking my connection with foreign gods.

It is said that if God closes a door for you, he will surely open a window for you, and my window is the authorized teacher of ah Tang in China.

Through some channels, I have heard the names of some domestic ah Tang authorized teachers, but I don’t know them, I have no intersection with them, and I don’t have the idea to go to their Mysore class or workshop in my heart.

Maybe this is a prejudice, such as the moon in foreign countries is rounder than that in China.

The chance to break my prejudice is that I accidentally interviewed Mr.

zoujie, the authorized teacher of Ashtanga Yoga in China (21/100 Yoga story from bronze to King, the 13-year struggle history of the authorized teacher of Ashtanga Yoga!), I also watched the live clip of a brand connecting with teacher Wendy, which really impressed me.

I suddenly have a feeling that not everyone in China is a treasure.

Their authorization is obtained through personal efforts.

In a foreign country, Chinese people should pay more if they want to obtain the same authorization as foreign friends because of the disadvantages of natural language.

The authorized teachers of Tang all over the world can be found on the website.

At present, there are more than 20 domestic yoga teachers authorized by the leader, and more than a dozen are in Hong Kong, China( )。 Here, I won’t believe that Tang authorized teachers, but they are qualified to get authorization only if they have at least some quality.

Just as an Iyengar yoga teacher talked about his view on certification in the live broadcast, “the certificate just represents the back cover, not how high the level is.

Even if it is worse, there is a bottom line.” I like this view very much.

Aiyange Yoga certified teacher is like the concept of a Tang authorized teacher.

I admit that it’s not necessarily a high level for Tang to authorize teachers, but at least this authorization is a guarantee of quality for students.

At least teaching is qualified, but whether it is a teacher that students like, it needs to consider other factors.

Suddenly, an idea rose in my heart.

Even if I am not Buddhist about asana, I still need to go to the Mysore classroom of ah Tang’s authorized teacher to experience it.

I live in Beijing’s “famous” Fengtai District, which will be extremely prominent whenever there is an outbreak of the epidemic.

I checked, at present, I am interested in a Tang authorized teacher in Jiuxianqiao, driving more than 30 kilometers one way.

I am still doing psychological construction, so I have to experience it for a month or so, because I am full of curiosity about the teacher and the students there.

Even if I have to go to class across more than half of Beijing, I am still lucky.

It seems that ah Tang authorizes teachers to reside in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou, but ah Tang practitioners will be all over the country.

So the question is, if there is no authorized teacher of ah Tang in the local area, how should ah Tang practitioners practice? I think it is more important for practitioners to choose a more professional local yoga studio, experience different yoga courses under the leadership of yoga teachers, and stick to yoga.

Of course, there are many staunch amateurs.

Let’s see if there are ordinary teachers’ Mysore classroom or LED class in the local area, which can be practiced.

However, we must pay attention to the teacher’s teaching style and carefully observe our own practice state.

We must not be injured in order to simply break through the asana.

If yoga teachers only aim at asanas, then you should be careful.

In my eyes, ah Tang’s authorized teacher is the correct solution for ah Tang’s practitioners.

You can consider the online class recorded by the teacher, follow the practice, or take advantage of the vacation to participate in the teacher’s workshop.

Such a way is certainly not as good as the training of Mysore classroom day after day, but it is useless to complain about the conditions we don’t have.

It’s better to create feasible conditions within our own ability.

Who makes us love ah Tang so much? By the way, although there are various ah Tang teaching and training courses on the market, most of the lecturers are not authorized teachers of ah Tang.

You can go to the website above to confirm..

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