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ॐ Yoga for so long, can you really breathe? Three minutes of abdominal breathing every day is so good!

Abdominal breathing is a must learn item in yoga.

It is a very important part.

Breathing is right, it can not only help us relax physically and mentally, but also help us to slim down the abdomen! Regular use of this breathing method can regulate physical and mental health and expel turbid gas in the body.

How does abdominal breathing regulate the body? 1.

When people in the intestines and stomachs perform abdominal breathing, the tension and relaxation of the abdominal muscles occur alternately, so that the capillaries in the local muscles also contract and relax alternately.

Thus, the blood circulation is accelerated, the supply of oxygen is expanded, and it is also conducive to the elimination of metabolic products of the body, and plays a role in regulating and promoting the organs and tissues of the whole body; In addition, the contraction and relaxation of abdominal muscles is also a good massage, which can promote the movement of stomach and abdomen and change the digestive function.

At the same time, abdominal muscles are also the driving muscles for defecation, so regular abdominal breathing exercise is also helpful to prevent habitual constipation.


The biggest characteristic of pneumoperitoneal breathing is that it can increase the range of activity of the diaphragm, and the movement of the diaphragm directly affects the ventilation of the lung.

Studies have shown that the lung ventilation can be increased by 250 to 300 ml for every 2 cm of the diaphragm.

If you persist in abdominal breathing for half a year, you can increase the range of activity of diaphragm by four centimeters.

This is good for the improvement of lung function and is one of the important rehabilitation methods for senile emphysema and other pulmonary ventilation disorders.


Improving spleen and stomach can improve the function of abdominal organs.

It can improve the function of spleen and stomach, is beneficial to soothing the liver and promoting bile secretion.

Abdominal breathing can reduce blood pressure by lowering abdominal pressure, which is very beneficial to hypertensive patients.


Soothe the mind and benefit the mind abdominal breathing can regulate the mood of the human body, and then play the role of soothing the mind.

Moreover, it has a certain effect on the development of the brain and the improvement of intelligence.

Because during abdominal breathing, Qi will stay in our Dantian, which can regulate the excitement of the brain.


Eliminate fatigue fatigue is usually caused by lack of energy and oxygen, and it needs to do deep inspiratory exercise to supplement oxygen.

Cross your hands in a horizontal position in front of your belly, with your palms up, then inhale, and slowly lift your hands up to your chin.

Turn the palms downward, slowly put the crossed hands down again, and exhale with the tip of the lips, making “F” sound for 10 times.


Treatment of headache oxygen deficiency often causes headache.

When you inhale, lift your shoulders, and then slowly exhale with your shoulders drooping.

Or use the double lip closing method.

When exhaling, close the lips gently and blow out the air through the resistance of the lips for 10 times.


Promoting abdominal breathing of pelvic blood flow also includes pelvic movement, that is, while performing large abdominal breathing, cooperating with the movement of anal retraction and anal relaxation and abdominal contraction and lifting, with the purpose of promoting pelvic blood flow.

Because the organs in the pelvic cavity involve the human endocrine system, reproductive and urinary system, it is a part that cannot be ignored.

2、 How to do abdominal breathing? The preparation work before abdominal breathing exercise is to abstain from alcohol, defecate and relax the belt.

Choose a place with fresh air, or stand or lie in any position.

Today, Xiaobian has sorted out 2 kinds of breathing practice methods.

As long as you practice breathing correctly, you can not only thin your stomach, but also help you solve the problems of low back pain and cervical pain.

Don’t doubt that it is so wonderful! 01 abdominal breathing • lie on your back on the cushion surface and bend your knees • put your hands on your abdomen and chest • now try to close your eyes, inhale and feel your abdomen slowly bulging outward • when you exhale, feel your navel looking inward and downward for your spine • breathe as deep and as long as possible, and fully feel your body tips: practicing abdominal breathing can not only help your stomach move, but also massage your psoas muscles and solve your waist pain, Long term adherence to abdominal breathing can also strengthen the strength of transverse abdominal muscles and help thin abdomen! Let’s observe the lower abdomen breathing from the side sitting and standing.

Pay attention! The shoulders must not be shrugged with the breath, which is why many people do not breathe.

Long term breathing on the shoulders can easily lead to shoulder neck tension 02 diaphragmatic breathing • get ready to sit down and prepare an extension belt • place the extension belt at the middle of the back waist and cross each other forward, and grasp both ends of the extension belt with both hands • inhale, feel the ribs expand outward, and the diaphragm drops • exhale, Feel the ribs adduct and the diaphragm rise • at this time, gently stretch the stretching band with both hands to help the ribs adduct more.

Be careful not to exert too much force.

Just apply a little pressure.

Tips: do you know? Using the stretching belt to assist in breathing can also solve the problem of rib valgus! At the same time, I also remind you not to shrug.

When practicing breathing, you should fully feel the changes in your abdomen and chest! 03 prone exercise • again, observe from the back why abdominal breathing can relax the psoas muscles • lie down, close your eyes, relax your body and mind, especially your shoulders • inhale, feel the whole abdomen like a balloon filled with air, and even feel the expansion of the whole lower back • please pay attention to the direction of the force on the picture, exhale with the green arrow, and look inward at the navel for the spine tips: be sure to calm down and feel! Modern people are especially nervous, anxious and emotional! This is also closely related to the breathing pattern.

Practice more breathing and bring the Yoga spirit to your daily work and life.

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