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50% – 70% of the energy needed by the human body comes from the oxidation process of sugar.

Sugar energy supply can reach about 95% of the total energy consumption during long and intensive exercise.

So sugar is an important substance in the body.

The total oxidation of each gram of sugar releases an average of 17.2KJ (4Kcal) of energy.

Whole body sugar generates about 8000KJ of energy.

Moreover, when the blood glucose concentration decreases, the brain function is affected first, causing fatigue.

Under normal physiological conditions, proteins are mainly used to maintain and repair tissues and meet the needs of body growth, with less energy supply.

However, in the long-term exercise, when sugar is consumed in large quantities and fat energy supply is limited by low sugar reserves, the proportion of protein energy supply increases.

However, a large amount of protein decomposition and energy supply will increase the burden on the liver and kidney, which will have a negative impact on exercise.

The sugar mentioned above is not the added sugar in our concept.

The staple food we eat every day contains sugar, as well as fruit and some vegetables.

We do not control sugar intake completely.

It is best to control sugar intake appropriately.

Excessive sugar intake is easy to accelerate aging.

Generally speaking, sugar belongs to heat, and a certain amount of heat is required to participate in the process of cell mitosis.

A large amount of sugar intake will accelerate cell mitosis, resulting in skin relaxation and aging, wrinkles, and aging of various organs of the human body.

It will also increase obesity.

Sugar can be stored as fat after it enters the body as heat…

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