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Yoga Tour | Sanya, Hainan, keep loving and go to the mountains and seas

The warm sunshine, slowly passing through the small salty sea breeze, gently brushes the hair, and spreads the fine silvery silvery sand in the sea.

It is paved with a curved jade belt.

The sea water is transparent, green to light blue, and looks like a dream.

In the distance, the waves are rolling up, the white foam is blowing against the rocks, and there is some comfort in the turbulence.

Hainan, Sanya, everything is so yearning for life.

Have a good dream in the “sea fairyland”.

From November 23 to 27, Fengfeng teacher & Honghong teacher took yoga, went to the mountain and sea from the city, pushed the window to see the sea, looked up to see the mountain, breathed and breathed.

They are all one kind of knowledge and one move.

They are all practices to absorb mountain and sea energy in yoga   Enjoy the endless beauty of Sanya, a yoga trip with heat island style  ” Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park – Paradise of the sea and the sky Yalong Bay tropical paradise forest park is located 25 kilometers southeast of Sanya.

It is a natural oxygen bar in Sanya.

It has good tropical rainforest ecological resources, 1506 hectares of urban green lung, more than 1500 kinds of tropical plants, more than 190 kinds of wild animals, and 210 mountain villa rooms surround the beautiful natural scenery in the scenic spot of Yalong Bay National Tourist Resort It occupies more than two-thirds of the scenes of Feng Xiaogang’s famous film if you are the one 2.

With the popularity of the film, four online celebrities at home and abroad had to go 📍   Full sea view glass line bridge   Located at the top of Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, the highest place is 450 meters above sea level, the total length is 400 meters, and the widest place is 10 meters.

You can look up at the sky high and the clouds are light, and you can look down at the rainforest Valley more than 100 meters deep 📍   Cliff Tianchi   “Tianchi” is a boundless swimming pool built on a cliff.

Looking down from above, it looks like a bright sapphire.

Closing your eyes seems to be integrated with the mountains and forests.

The total length of the Jianglong cable bridge is 168 meters, nearly 40 meters from the ground.

Walking on the cable bridge, there is a vast ocean in the distance, surrounded by birds and flowers 📍   Canghai building   When you climb the Canghai tower, you can see that the sea and sky are the same.

With the sea facing the wind, you can look up to the blue sky, white clouds, sun, moon and stars, overlooking the long forest, distant trees and blue waves 📍   Orchid Valley   The 1000 meter long winding trail in the valley is covered with vines, the streams are gurgling, and dozens of orchids compete for beauty.

Six wonders can be seen everywhere: giant banyan, century old rattan and wild guanlang tropical rain forest.

Wuzhizhou Island – a bright pearl on Hainan Island.

The video comes from xiaohongshu @ Wuzhizhou Island.

Wuzhizhou island is located in Haitang Bay, Sanya.

It is one of the few places around Hainan Island with fresh water resources and abundant resources The vegetation rich island has a beautiful and layered landform.

The central slope of the island is winding and tangled with vines.

There are more than 2000 kinds of plants on the island.

Its vegetation coverage is as high as 90%.

The sea water is clear and transparent, and the maximum visibility is 27 meters.

There are fun sailboats, motorboats, banana boats, beach motorcycles, beach volleyball…

The famous scenic spots of Mazu temple and love Renqiao, sun viewing rock, sea viewing corridor, dense tropical gardens, heroic coconuts, as well as the endless open and happy lovely mackerel, grouper, sea urchin, sea cucumber shrimp, noctilucent snail and colorful tropical fish…

Here are endless tourist landscapes, comfortable resorts and intriguing humanities on Wuzhizhou island “who to go with  ” · Mr.

Feng Feng  · John Scott 500 hour authorized certified teacher certification number: 0024 ★ was awarded the qualification of John Scott yoga200ttc teacher training course ★ fineyoga Vatican yoga Astanga class leader lecturer, Hatha class three leader lecturer ★ fineyoga Vatican yoga Astanga senior registered coach ★ fineyoga Vatican Yoga super teacher ★ in 2011, Beijing fineyoga Vatican Yoga received 500 hour coach training and won high marks Level II coach qualification certificate ★ participated in the 30 class coach training of yoga anatomy master davikeil at the end of 2011 ★ was awarded the qualification of John Scott yoga200ttc teacher training course in 2019 ★ participated in John Scott Ashtanga level II sequence course in Goa, India in 2019 ★ chuck Miller Ashtanga 200ttc teacher certification in 2019  · Teacher Honghong  · With 8 years of yoga teaching experience and more than 2W + offline students, she has rich yoga teaching and practical experience and is responsible for the training of fineyoga Vatican Yoga Hatha coach.

Miss Chunhong follows many teachers at home and abroad to improve various yoga genres and continue to improve her learning.

★ 2015 chuck Miller Ashtanga ★ 2017 rehabilitation physiotherapy training ★ 2017 private Yoga course ★ Michael Ashtanga in March 2018 Intensive training ★ johhscottashtanga200ttc certification in November 2018 “you will gain from this trip  ”# It is a prison break for ordinary life to absorb the energy of mountains and seas and bloom from the inside.

Yoga is to heal the tense body and mind.

If the heart is too tight, it is easy to be irritable, and if the body is too tight, it is easy to be tired.

Leave the work and pressure, worry and anxiety in the city for the time being, face the sea and back to the green mountains.

In the nature of natural forest oxygen, embrace the sunrise and sunset with yoga, and bring the rigid body to rest Become flexible little by little, smooth your impetuous heart little by little, absorb the energy of mountains and seas, and bloom from the inside.

#2 the 4-day journey of exploring your true self takes you to deeply experience the yoga retreat, starting from astunga’s [counting breathing], establishing your internal focus, to [safe and effective shoulder and hip opening] , open your body to meet the challenge, then go to the practice of never giving up, explore your true self, and finally [back bend] Release and return.

This Yoga Tour can not only tour the natural scenery with your eyes, but also explore and gain knowledge through your body.

It is a comprehensive sublimation tour.

#3 take Yoga images for you.

In this course, a professional yoga photographer will take pictures for you to leave the best memory..

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