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Ryt300 system yoga teacher training – Shenzhen · opened on March 1

Namo Yoga 2022 ryt300 system yoga teacher training 2022.3.1-4.2 I practiced yoga in my life, which I learned in my last life.

International authoritative yoga instructor training certification of Indian archaism – namo ® Yoga ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Taking the inheritance of rajayoga as the main line, he has explored many yoga genres and accepted all rivers, 🈶 Rongnaida here is an important stop in your life ▼ Shanghai campus, Shenzhen Campus, Xi’an campus, Yangzhou campus, Hangzhou campus and Chengdu campus knock on the door of senior yoga coaches namo national ryt300 Yoga coach training course ® Waiting for you! Course details: class schedule: 9:00-9:45 meditation & pranayama 10:00-12:00 advanced morning exercise 12:00-14:00 afternoon heart nourishing 14:00-16:00 meridians / anatomy / philosophy / private teaching 16:00-18:00 advanced asanas / teaching / techniques / exercises 3 hours in the evening homework every Sunday: rest course cost: original price: 36000 yuan / person March 2022 war epidemic price: 23800 yuan / person registration before December 31, 2021 can enjoy early morning Bird price 22800 yuan! In order to ensure the teaching quality, only 20 students are recruited.

Once they pay, they will not be refunded, Self transferable places course date: March 1, 2022 – April 2, 2022 (5 weeks in total) (ryt300 hours part) March 1 – March 19 , part I (180 hours) March 21 – April 2 , Part II (120 hours) participating in namo Yoga national Yoga Federation ryt300 training can obtain international yoga instructor qualification and certificate 1 Students who participate fully and pass the examination will obtain the ryt300 certificate of the national Yoga Federation.


Students who have participated in previous ryt200 can directly apply for ryt500 certification.


According to the latest regulations, students without ryt200 hours yoga teacher certification can directly apply for ryt300 training (and issue 200 hours certification after graduation.

If they retrain again, they will obtain another 300 hours of certification, totaling 500 hours of certification).


From 2022, the cost of ryt300 retraining will be reduced to {5000 yuan, aiming to vigorously cultivate senior coaches and mentors In other words: students who want to obtain 200 hours of certification can also participate in this training to obtain certification.

Any foundation can sign up for training.

Beginners please sign up in advance and accept preparatory study.

Note: many students who want to participate in the 300 hour training respond that it is difficult to take time to follow the whole course, so the course design can be divided into two parts: the first part can be learned first and the second part can be completed in the next training.

Training address: gold medal tutor team Bai Chendong teacher, yogis international senior yoga tutor, senior authorized tutor of national Yoga Alliance, Neiguan · founder of energy flow yoga namo Founder of Yoga (China), distinguished expert of China International Yoga Industry Expo, former distinguished expert of Cape Yoga project center of China Employment Promotion Association of the Ministry of human resources and social security, and disciple of shrirajpalsingh, inheritor and disseminator of India’s national treasure guru, was invited to India as an internationally renowned yoga instructor Teaching in Southeast Asia and major cities in China, Bai Chendong always pursues the true meaning of yoga, practices the teachings of guru, and has always focused on the training of various yoga coaches at home and abroad.

Regularly discuss yoga theory and practice teaching with many famous yoga masters at home and abroad, and have a deep understanding and practice of various genres and professional techniques of yoga.

He stressed that Yoga asanas should be a combination of internal energy awakening and external asanas.

The course is deeply loved and respected by students.


zhuo’er, senior yoga instructor, senior certified training instructor of the national Yoga Alliance, rpyt85, chief teacher training officer of pregnant women’s yoga, namo ® Yoga (China) national training tutor is a disciple of India’s national treasure guru shrirajpalsingh, a distinguished expert tutor of many institutions across the country, a successor of Shengwang yoga, a successor of Zhejiang guqin, and a disseminator of traditional Chinese medicine.

She once worked as a translator for the global top 500 foreign enterprises and senior immigrants from Australia and California.

She gave up her job for Yoga she loved, focused on learning yoga, practiced life and realized the Zen of yoga life, Travel around the world and follow many famous teachers to learn various genres of traditional yoga.

The teaching style is diverse, focusing on the combination of hardness and softness, internal and external training, full of energy and directed at the hearts of the people.

You will feel strong guidance and encouragement to maximize your potential according to your inner self.

Proficient teaching and training system and internationally recognized namo yoga teaching materials: – namo is a teaching material used worldwide with detailed explanations and pictures, which is exclusively prepared by the international namo team- The textbook covers anatomy, breath regulation, meditation, asana analysis, etc..

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