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Yan yoga · Pilates · chanrou “2022 upgrade course”

Yoga · Pilates · chanrou “small class guide” Pilates, as a popular sport, can not only effectively adjust the posture of practitioners, but also release our mental pressure and improve the quality of sleep.

In Pilates practice, it is mainly divided into private teaching (1 to 1) and small class (1 to 4).

In the small class, the professional Pilates coach leads several practitioners to train together.

Compared with private teaching, the small class is more interactive, the course rhythm is more lively, and the students are easy to enter the atmosphere.

If you want to try more practice methods or find different feelings in practice, small classes may also be a good choice.

Core bed – reformer core bed is recognized as one of the best training methods for shaping effect.

It fits the human body better than the practice on the mat, and you can find the feeling not on the mat.

By adjusting the spring to give power and resistance, the movement of the sliding bed and the stability of the pull rope, we can help us improve the body’s sense of propriety and strengthen the training of deep muscles in practice, so as to improve the body flexibility and trunk stability, improve the body posture and alleviate various problems of the body.

So that people of different ages can achieve the most safe and effective practice effect in training.

“Course selection” level 1 action mode establishment, shoulder strap stability, lower limb arrangement, core establishment, level 2 local improvement, hip warping, shoulder back beautification, waist and abdomen shaping, level 3 whole body integration, physical fitness improvement, comprehensive strengthening, tall and straight posture and comprehensive plasticity “course suggestions” level 1 course: for practitioners who have zero foundation or want to re consolidate the action mode, it is recommended to take 3-5 private education courses, Level 2 courses: those who have attended level 1 courses and have a sports foundation are recommended to attend 8-12 private education courses, and the practice effect is better.

Level 3 courses: those who have attended Level 2 courses and have strong sports ability are recommended to attend more than 20 private education courses, and the practice effect is better.

Cushion + little dolphin – OOV OOV uses the curve shape of bionic dolphins, and the lines are smooth, It feels soft and elastic.

It is an unstable structure.

The upper and lower radians can fit the spine of the human body, so that users can independently find their own balance point when lying down or stretching.

When using OOV exercise, you can focus on the desire of brain and body functions for control and balance, so that the body can spontaneously obtain the flexibility of joint degree and the improvement of muscle tension balance in training, so that the body can quickly take the initiative to find the feeling of central axis extension and core control.

“Course selection” level 1 establishes a balanced level 2 control core and “course suggestions” level 1 course: it is suitable for everyone.

It is recommended that trainers who have attended 3-5 private education (OOV has been used in the course) have a better practice effect.

Level 2 course: for those who have taken level 1 course and have sports foundation, it is recommended that those who have taken 8-12 private education (OOV has been used in the course) have better practice effect.

Cushion + spine corrector spine corrector spine corrector can help trainers correct various posture problems such as chest hump and scoliosis.

It is commonly used in all-round spine ability training such as spinal flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation.

The curve of spinal orthosis provides a good body position for the body and helps us better control the movement of the spine.

Lying on the spinal orthosis can help open the chest, relax the front of the hip and increase the flexibility of the spine.

The group class of “course selection” level 1 spinal flexibility and whole-body integration of “course suggestions” spinal orthosis is suitable for everyone.

It can help us improve our sense of proprioception, flexible spine and relax our body.

Mat + motr moveonthe roller motr is a compound Pilates training instrument.

It adds aerobic exercise and cardiopulmonary function training on the basis of Pilates movement.

It also includes front and rear, side, diagonal and rotational balance of the body, which can challenge different fascia link training of the body, It meets the requirements that most people’s body is unbalanced due to bad posture, and the poor transmission of body force line leads to compensation and discomfort due to local bulkiness or relaxation, so as to better connect the work in the core area to the top, bottom, left and right of the body, so as to achieve overall balance, shaping and coordination.

“Course selection” level 1 body coordination, fascia spiral training, core strengthening, waist and abdomen shaping, hip and leg shaping, shoulder and back beautification, level 2 comprehensive exercise, comprehensive plasticity, aerobic circulation training “course suggestions” level 1 course: suitable for basic practitioners.

It is recommended for those who have attended 8-12 private education courses, Better practice effect level 2 course: suitable for practitioners who have taken level 1 course or have strong sports ability.

It is strongly recommended that trainers who have attended more than 12 private classes have better practice effect.

Chanrou gyrokinesis ® Method – chanrou on the pad, also known as “spinal spiral” movement, emphasizes the movement of the spine in the three-dimensional plane, and is linked to the limbs by the spine, with internal and external strength and flexible connection.

With different breathing methods, it can move the whole body, stimulate the nervous system, reconcile the body function and release the tense body.

Through practice, we can restore the balance of the whole human body system, help us break through the limitations of the body, and make the joints more space and flexibility.

“Course suggestions” is suitable for healthy people at any stage.

During pregnancy, please consult a professional doctor or coach in advance and join the practice with permission…

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