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Training | Yoga health care 4: waist rehabilitation

Exercise every day, give you health! Today is the 2564 days of low back pain that binshao serves you.

It is a common disease that puzzles everyone.

There are many reasons for low back pain.

For example, sitting at the desk for a long time or bending over for a long time when doing housework will cause excessive work of lumbar muscles and pain.

The main symptoms of lumbar pain include lumbar muscle strain, lumbar muscle weakness, intervertebral disc herniation, or long bone spurs.

Yoga practice can help strengthen the waist muscles, relax the tension and stiffness of muscles, and restore the normal function of the waist.

The specially invited Yoga trainer Sophia teaches you Yoga rehabilitation therapy for the waist.

👇 Current coach 👇 [what about sedentary waist ache?] This is a problem that puzzles most desk workers.

Sedentary waist pain comes from our improper sitting posture and weak core strength.

The abdominal core is like an abdominal band, which tightly wraps our waist and maintains the stability of our lumbar spine.

When the strength of the abdominal core is insufficient, our abdominal band is not strong enough to help us stabilize our lumbar spine.

In addition, our sitting posture is incorrect for a long time, and the pressure on the waist increases, which is naturally prone to lumbar pain and discomfort.

The solution is to stand up, stretch and lengthen the waist and spine, and then simply strengthen the core, stretch and relax the peripheral muscles of the waist, which will be greatly improved.

Day4: waist rehabilitation action 1 / brick pushing effect of bending forward on the chair: stretch the spine and activate the back muscles.

Key points: sit with the hips at the side of the chair, with the feet separated no more than the hip joint, and sit upright.

Gently hold the brick with both hands and fingers, first push it as high as possible, extend the spine, and lower the waist into the body.

After five breaths, push the brick to the level, shrug and raise the chest forward.

Note: the lower waist should be retracted to the body and cannot be bent.

Friends with stiff back thighs can bend their knees slightly and try to straighten after several groups.

2 / cat knee lifting effect: enhance the deep muscle strength of the waist and stabilize the lumbar spine.

Key points: cat preparation, with the palm under the shoulder; Keep your knees below your hips and keep your hips slightly tilted.

Inhale, gently lift your knees, exhale, tighten your abdomen to the back of your waist, hold for 5 seconds, put your knees back on the ground, and repeat for five groups.

Note: the waist is significantly widened and the surface muscles are stretched to activate the deep muscles, which can effectively improve the tension and pain of the waist muscles.

3 / the stretching effect of the back of the thigh in lying posture: improve the low back pain and sciatica.

Key points: lie flat, bend one leg, step on the soles of the feet, straighten the rope cover on the soles of the legs, straighten the legs, retract the outside of the thighs to the hips, press the shoulders to the ground, and keep breathing for ten months, Practice on the other side.

If your legs are not straight, try to do more groups.

Note: when straightening the leg, bend the knee slightly first, pay attention not to straighten the knee, but from the root of the thigh.

The buttocks can’t be lifted and should be pressed to the ground.

Health tips [care for the waist] [1] there are several phenomena of waist pain.

One is lumbar muscle strain.

When sitting for a long time, the muscles are in a state of long-term tension, so there is low back pain.

【2】 Another reason for low back pain is lumbar muscle weakness.

When bending forward to pick up things in life, or when there is pain in standing and walking for a long time, it shows that the strength of lumbar muscles is insufficient.

There are also pathological pain and lumbar disc herniation.

【3】 The tension of the muscles on the back of the thigh will also limit the activity of the waist.

Stretching the muscles on the back of the thigh can help us create sufficient activity space for the waist.

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