Yoga philosophy | what is quality asana practice?

What is a quality asana exercise? Asanas require total commitment.

Each pose has different levels, including balance, movement, repeated action, reflection, intellectual infiltration and promotion.

When practicing asanas, we should study the changes and changes in body, mind and intelligence.

Only practice without reflection, this is to focus on exercise rather than action.

Mind is easily excited in sports, but it is difficult in action.

Without the full participation of each sheath of the soul, practice becomes an intentional action.

There is no doubt that everyone starts with the action of intention, but it will soon need to change from the action of intention to cognitive observation, mental participation, intellectual reflection and self-observation.

We should change the attitude of the brain, make it an observer, make the body an actor, and keep the intelligence of the heart everywhere.

Generally speaking, the brain governs the actions of the body, while doing asanas is just the opposite.

We must learn to coordinate movement and action evenly in the five sheaths.

For example, if one part is active and the other is dull, one leg is strong and the other is weak, this imbalance indicates a lack of attention.

Use resolution to reflect and do quality exercises.

Don’t be content with immediate experience.

Through practice, the same experience is repeatedly filtered hundreds of times to obtain rasatmakajnana.

Patangali calls it the wisdom of truth.

Rtambharaprajna is considered to be the peak of rasatmakajnana.

Practice should be done intellectually, and the quality of experience should be weighed repeatedly.

I think: this kind of quality practice can lead us to a state of noble wisdom (vivekakhyai), full of wisdom.

Look at what patangali said: Yoga ANGA anusthanat asuddhi ksaye Jnana diptih avivka khyateh – (Yoga Sutra Chapter 2, verse 28) – through the concentrated practice of all aspects of yoga, the unclean things are destroyed: the crown of wisdom shines in glory…

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