Yoga welcome | hide your fat and be a happy and auspicious Yoga lady!

It’s another spring festival.

I wish you all good luck in the year of the tiger! As the most auspicious festival in the tradition, it is necessary to find a way to create an atmosphere of leaving the old and welcoming the new in the new year, so as to make the surrounding prosperous and lively, and also make the heart sweet.

Years ago, everyone was busy cleaning up and buying new year goods, and then opened the mode of visiting relatives and friends every day.

There was no restriction on diet and even the remaining exercise time.

Of course, there’s no need to worry too much at this time.

For people, weight loss can be discussed after the new year.

Here are some simple postures for you to practice at any time and place.

Chinese New Year’s five piece set: perm hair, fake eyelashes, manicure, buy war robes, take a big bath ~ Jia people’s Chinese New Year’s five piece set: kick long legs, stretch thin waist, set flat and horizontal, tie horse steps, write blessing words ~ are you ready? 👇 “Kick”, “top bowl”, “stretch your waist”, “horse step” and “blessing”.

Finally, share a little poem 😊: “Farewell to the old and welcome the new” every festival, I gain three kilograms.

When I gain weight, I am more like Lin Huiyin.

I read, write and practice yoga to grow together and welcome the new…

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