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Before Yoga handstand, how to warm up most effectively? This set of handstand preparation sequence must be practiced!

After the above warm-up sequence, try to enter the elbow handstand to breathe in, hold the ground on both elbows, kneel on both knees to exhale, tighten the core ischium, stay backward and upward in dolphin style for 5-8 breaths, lift the left leg backward and drive the right leg upward, enter the elbow handstand to stay for 5-8 breaths, and exchange tips on the other side: beginners suggest practicing the front core and shoulder back heat first Body sequence to lay a good foundation, if you practice handstand, you must have a professional teacher to help Oh! Teacher wechat can long press the figure below to identify the QR code, add a point in the lower left corner to select yoga products.


Yoga, inverted three-dimensional on the practitioners of the body comprehensive ability requirements are very high, not only to have a good balance ability, but also to shoulder back, core strength has very high requirements! Today, share a set of sequences, which can be used as a warm-up sequence before handstand, or as usual self practice, to help strengthen the shoulder and back, core strength, and the effect of leverage drop! Move 01-05 enter the plank support, stay for 1 minute, exhale, tighten the core, lift the right leg backward, inhale, restore, exhale, exchange the left leg, repeat 5-8 exhalations, tighten the core, bend the right knee forward, touch the right elbow to inhale, restore exhalation, exchange the other side, repeat 5-8 times, then lift and sit the right leg alternately, repeat 3-5 times, return to plank support and stay for 10 breathing movements -10 enter the inclined board exhalation from the plate type, tighten the core, bend the elbows back to the plate type to inhale, push the hands back to the inclined board type again, do 5-8 dynamic exercises, 11-13 enter the dolphin type from the plate support to inhale, extend the spine to exhale, stay backward and upward for 5-8 breaths to inhale, maintain the elbow bending state to exhale, stay 3-5 breaths to inhale from the small arm off the ground, and step down on the left leg forcefully with the right leg Lift backward and stay for 3-5 breaths


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