New Yoga Life

Baibai meat is fat, a group of Yoga series, let you say goodbye to “Baibai meat” thoroughly!

Click the blue word “charming women matching” above to pay attention for free! “Bye bye meat” often makes people feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, especially for women who love beauty, having “bye bye meat” is a disaster! In the hot weather, basically with the sleeveless T-shirt, skirt say goodbye! So, today I’d like to share with you a series of Yoga series, which can help you shape a tight and slim arm, strengthen the core, lose weight and shape! 1 | inclined plate prone, hands on both sides of the chest, toes back hook, heel push back, thigh muscle tightening, hands up the body, slowly straighten the arm, the body from head to foot in a straight line, maintain 5-8 breathing enhancement: straighten the left arm forward, maintain 5-8 breathing, change the other side 2 | four column, keep the body inclined plate posture unchanged, slowly bend the elbow down, the big and small arms into 90 Hold 5-8 breaths in parallel with the floor, exhale in 3 | up dog style, raise your head and chest, extend your body forward and upward with the force of pushing the ground with both hands, extend your arms slowly while extending your body, lift your legs off the ground and enter into up dog style, hold 5-8 breaths in 4 | down dog style, hook your toes back, step your heels down and your hips up, push your thighs back, straighten your body and arms, and your body is inverted“ 5-8 breaths, 5-8 breaths, 5-8 breaths, 5-8 breaths, 5-8 breaths, 5-8 breaths, 5-8 breaths, 5-8 breaths, 6-8 breaths, 5-8 breaths, 5-8 breaths, 7-8 breaths, 7-8 breaths, 5-8 breaths, 5-8 breaths, Keep the left knee close to the inside of the big arm for 5-8 breaths, change the other side to restore the inclined plate, and prepare for the 9 | side bracket body to the right, open the body to the front, bend the lower elbow, keep the small arm close to the ground, hold the hip, keep 5-8 breaths, change the other side, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete more wonderful, click the picture to see the good-looking, some key points to see.


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