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In this way, it’s easier and easier to unlock Yoga firefly!

Today, I’d like to take you to unlock a new pose, the arm support pose of the firefly (tittibhasana), which requires the strength of the arm, core, hip and leg very much! Before unlocking this pose, first practice 3-5 times to worship the sun, and then start the following steps to practice, warm-up must be done fully! Posture 01-03 supine position, inhale, right leg bend hip, right leg stretch exhale, tighten the core, right hand grasp right toe stay 5-8 breaths inhale, right hand grasp right foot outward, hip external rotation stay 8-10 breaths exhale, tighten the core, right hip adduction, right leg turn left body stay 8-10 breaths posture 04-06 return to dog style adjust 5-8 breaths inhale, left leg bend knee forward, hip external rotation, small Leg parallel hip exhale, elbow landing stay 8-10 breaths, return to the lower dog inhale, enter the low lunge, right leg bent knee toward the right lateral exhale, tighten the core elbow landing, stay 8-10 breaths, 07-10 exit from the low lunge, enter the standing forward bend stay 3-5 breaths, left leg back step exhale, enter the enhanced side extension stay 5-8 breaths, enter the double angle back extension Stop for 5-8 breaths to inhale, return to mountain style to exhale, right leg bend hip forward, right hand grasp right toe to stay for 5-8 breaths, 11-13 sitting position, enter beam angle style to stay for 8-10 breaths to inhale, legs separate into sitting angle style to stay for 8-10 breaths, hip landing, legs and tightly bend hip up to enter boat style, stay for more than 10 breaths, starting from posture 01 to practice preparation Enter the firefly step 01-06 from the mountain pose to stand and bend forward to exhale, tighten the core body, fold the hip forward, bend the hands down between the feet to exhale, tighten the core buttocks backward, bend the elbows and hips with both hands to continue the backseat, keep the core tight, keep the back slightly arched, push the ground with both feet and toes, tighten the core to let the legs cross off the ground to inhale, push the core with both hands to start, and bow the back You can stretch the inner groin and back muscles, strengthen the strength of both arms and wrists, regulate the abdomen and improve the sense of balance


But the shoulder, elbow, wrist and lower back injury can not practice! Teacher wechat, long press the following figure to identify the QR code, you can add a point in the lower left corner to select yoga supplies.


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