After the holiday, a simple 30 minute Yoga sequence soothes the body and mind

On the way to yoga, you should either focus on yoga or pay attention to the fatigue after holidays.

It’s best to have a slow yoga practice, which can repair your body and relieve your mood.

Today I recommend a set of such exercises, which is very suitable for beginners.

Action 1: sit straight, sit high and keep it for 1 minute.

Action 2: sit up, bend your legs, keep the soles of your feet opposite, sink your knees, and hold your big toes with your hands for 5 minutes.

Action 3: sit up, open your legs to both sides, hook the soles of your feet back, and extend your body to your right leg for 5 minutes.

Change sides.

Action 4: sit up, bend your left leg, and bend your right leg with your heel on the outside of your right hip, The right foot is on the outside of the left thigh, the left hand holds the right knee, turns it to the right and holds it for 5 minutes.

Side change action 5: sit up, bend your legs and step on the ground, the knee is 90 degrees, the feet are the same width as the hip, support the ground with both hands, the fingertips face forward, align your shoulders, lift the hip up, and keep breathing for 10 times.

Action 6: lie on your back, bend your knees, step on the ground with both feet, and lift the hip up the same width as the hip, Keep 10 breaths with both hands clasped at the bottom of the fingers.

Action 7: lie on your back, spread your hands to both sides, bend your right leg, touch your right knee to the left, look at the right side and keep it for 3 minutes.

Action 8: lie on your back, bend your right knee, hold your knees close to the chest for 1 minute.

Action 9: lie on your back, open your feet the same width as your hips, and keep your palms up for 1 minute.

A simple exercise sequence, You can relax your nervous body and mind.

It’s best to keep practicing every day so that your physical and mental fatigue can be released in time- Message Award-   Welcome to leave a message.

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