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She started yoga at the age of 48. At the age of 53, she had a figure of 20?

Can you believe that the woman with a girlish figure in the picture is 53 years old this year? ▼                                                            Recently, a video burst the circle of friends and jumped to the list of microblog hot search ▼ video source: @ pear video the woman in the video is Zhang Yuhuan, from Hangzhou.

Before she retired, she was a people’s teacher.

You may not imagine that she is already a grandmother at the age of 53, but look at the photos.

She is symmetrical, light and can easily split a horse, There is no shadow of middle-aged and elderly women ▼ when she was 48, others always asked her if she was 50, but unexpectedly, when she was 50, everyone thought she was only 40.

Indeed, such a figure looks really better than many young girls.

There is nothing wrong with that! Since the age of 48, Zhang Yuhuan has been keeping fit five days a week and running in the morning for four years.

Of course, in addition to fitness, running and yoga, she also insists on practicing calligraphy.

After all, the combination of learning and exercise is the best way to keep healthy and young ▼ who hasn’t been devastated by life and who hasn’t lost the innocence of a girl’s heart early after half a century, But there are always some people who are different! Just like the following Chinese girl Liu Yelin, who started to work out at the age of 30 and still has the general figure and appearance of 20 at the age of 50, which amazed the whole world ▼ it is never too late to start exercising and becoming beautiful.

Just like the 50-year-old “Uncle” Chen Yufei, who keeps a childlike figure and is good enough for countless girls to lick the screen ▼ after the age of 45, he insists on exercising to lose 30 kg, with clear clavicle Yan Ni ▼ 42 year old “first love face” goddess Xu luer ▼ 40 year old Xiao Xiao ▼ 66 year old Hu Hai who lives the most money ▼ 71 year old pan yingzi ▼ 80 year old “Chinese youth” who can walk on the stage Wang Deshun ▼ it’s better to sweat in the gym as soon as possible than to linger in the hospital bed when you get old.

After all, exercise is much cheaper than seeing a doctor.

Without a good body, all your ambitions can only be realized in your dreams.

But what kind of person won’t grow old easily? The degeneration starts with the alienation movement.

I’ve seen such a sentence: I observe that the degeneration of my peers, especially boys, starts with the alienation movement.

Especially after graduation, they are busy with work, entertainment and pleasure, and don’t control their diet.

Three or five years later, the beautiful teenagers of that year are all fat and full of flesh…

Those 5, 60, Even grandparents who are 7 or 80 years old and still keep a good figure, whether at home or abroad, which has not been exercising for many years? Sports should be the lowest cost way of self appreciation in the world.

It directly affects the appearance, improves the temperament, and can accumulate a person’s more and more self-confidence.

Even if you just keep running for 30 minutes every day, for a long time, you can be surprised at the changes it brings to your body.

Many years later, people of the same age began to worry about the increasingly loose skin and the fat on the waist.

You can still put on a good-looking skirt and “show off” with your girlfriends.

There was a popular word for a time: girlhood, which is just the opposite of the sense of vicissitudes.

Is 36 year old Chen Yihan’s crazy love to laugh; Shu Qi, 42, said, “no matter how old, I believe in love.”.

They are also 41 year old Yuan Quan’s first heart…

They leave a very different impression.

Yuan Quan, in particular, has smart and clear eyes, cool but friendly temperament, and always has a faint smile at the corners of his mouth.

Living in the big dye vat of the entertainment industry for many years, she has no scandal and never hyped…

She has never forgotten that her original intention is to play a good play and be a good actor.

No matter how disturbing and tempting the outside world is, we should know what we want.

Don’t envy other people’s life, just love, insist and expect no matter how old you are.

Live youth at the age of 20, charm at the age of 30, wisdom at the age of 40, calm at the age of 50, relaxed at the age of 60, and become priceless at the age of 70 or 80.

Some people are young but old; Some people are old but still young.

Age is not the enemy of our aging, but the way and attitude of living.

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