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So handsome! The “female Bruce Lee” in yoga has only one word service!

Compared with the “female Bruce Lee” in the yoga industry, our word horse is really weak.

Chloebruce from Britain is a martial artist who is proficient in Taekwondo, free fighting and Yongchun.

In addition, this very sassy female Xia also likes to practice yoga.

Let’s take a look at Bruce’s “moving” side.

Xiao Bian thinks that such a picture can only be seen in the film Across the screen, I feel a strong wind coming.

It is said that kicking in one minute can reach 212 times, equivalent to 3.5 times per second.

Of course, it also has the world Guinness record.

Of course, people have practiced for 25 years.

Starting from junior high school, the horse can be as stable as slow play ▽ this picture is beautiful, crying and domineering ▽ netizens have said:   Excuse me, family life must be very harmonious.

Let’s see Bruce’s relatively “quiet” On the one hand, she loves sports.

She keeps learning and has obtained the yoga teacher certificate.

I hope more people can improve their health.

Yoga practice is also a textbook demonstration.

This big long leg is too beautiful.

A word doesn’t agree.

A word.

A word.

A word.

A horse.

This flexibility is a small editor who wants to cry with envy.

Chloe is also a detail controller.

Every action repetition practice is perfect.

It’s true for such a goddess There is only one word for people who never lack efforts in the world.

What is lacking is people who work hard to the end.

Chloe’s firm and persistent spirit is worth learning from her.

Love one thing can always be simple as long as you are willing.

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