Sun iridium’s unmarried pregnancy attracted attention. She was pregnant and practiced yoga. Her boyfriend’s identity was mysterious

Source: Recently, actress sun iridium went on a hot search because she was pregnant.

Many netizens were surprised that her career had only improved and she was ready to have children.

You know, in today’s entertainment industry, many actresses will choose to get married and have children only after their careers are successful.

For example, Zhao Liying, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Tang Yan and so on, they all consider getting married and having children only after they are very popular.

Sun iridium doesn’t say how many works she has, but her fame can’t be compared with the above-mentioned ones.

In particular, the actor’s red book is a kind of “metaphysics”, so it is impossible to give up his normal life because he is not red.

Therefore, many people still sent blessings in the hope that she could give birth safely.

But some people are not familiar with her and wonder who she is.

Because there are so many actresses in the entertainment industry today, some of them can’t even match their names.

So sun iridium went on a hot search because she was pregnant.

Many people don’t know who she is.

However, if you have seen “in the name of family” in last year’s fire, you will remember that there is a Xueba girl, Qin Mingyue, who plays sun iridium.

And like the character of please Mingyue in the play, in reality, sun iridium is also a proper academic bully.

He graduated from Beiying and won many awards in school.

Later, he continued to study in Beiying as a graduate student.

However, because she herself is relatively low-key and has not been set up as noisy as a male star, few people in the audience pay attention to this matter.

There are many gossip boyfriends, but although she is not famous, she has been gossip with many male stars.

For example, one of her tutors when she was a graduate student was Zhang Jiayi.

She also participated in White Deer Plain with him.

Naturally, her relationship is closer than that of ordinary people.

And these were caught by the reporter who caught the wind, it became that the two had an affair.

Another example is Qin Junjie.

Many people know that he and Yang Zi once had a relationship, but Yang Zi broke up with him directly because of the scandal with Zhang Xueying.

Sun iridium once had an affair with him.

At that time, Mou Ti broke the news that she went downstairs to pick him up in her pajamas.

Then they didn’t show up for a night, and the other party left her house the next day.

In addition, Lin Xinxun was also photographed by reporters shopping and eating with sun iridium, but the parties to these scandals didn’t respond, so these messages ended up in the end.

And because sun iridium’s fame is not big, there are not many people who pay attention to it.

Later, after “in the name of family” was broadcast, sun iridium received a lot of attention because of Qin Mingyue’s role, and her career also moved towards a rising period, but at this time, she said she was in love.

Her boyfriend is an outsider.

In fact, it’s not strange for a actress to fall in love, but it’s rare to announce it directly in the rising period of her career.

However, sun iridium also said that her boyfriend is an outsider and the general manager of a company.

Obviously, she was very happy to announce it.

She smiled and narrowed her eyes under the camera.

Everyone didn’t understand that she was serious, because she didn’t admit so many gossip boyfriends before.

However, she is not an idol star and there is no “only powder”, so netizens sent blessings after learning the news.

Unexpectedly, it was less than three months after the official announced her relationship, and she came another “heavy news” that she was pregnant.

For this matter, there are more discussions among netizens.

On the one hand, because her career has improved, she chose to have children, which has a great impact on her career.

On the other hand, I got pregnant after two months of communication, which is a little too fast, and they are unmarried and pregnant first.

However, sun iridium also said that she planned to communicate only after observing each other, so she didn’t just realize it for less than three months.

From her current state, she is obviously very happy about pregnancy, indicating that children are her favorite gift.

After that, she kept sharing pregnancy knowledge and even practiced yoga.

In addition to the stomach, the body is still slim, and the skin and mental state are also good.

So many netizens also expressed the hope that she can give birth to a healthy and lovely baby smoothly.

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