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Yoga pants are the protagonist. The style of daily dress is personalized, stylish, comfortable and refreshing

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Note: the source of pictures and texts is the network, which is invaded and deleted                                                          Yoga pants are the protagonist.

The style of daily dress is personalized, stylish, comfortable and refreshing.

The first step in matching yoga pants is to look at color.

Only by choosing the right color first, and then matching the contrast tone or collision tone, can we create a harmonious and rich color vision.

For Yoga Pants matching, we start with the types commonly used in color matching rules: first, color matching principle color matching is a color combination composed of two or more colors.

Its common principles are as follows: (1) coordinated color uses two opposite colors to form a combination of colors.

The most common is black and white.

For example, yellow, red, etc.

(2) Complementary colors are two opposite colors, which form a certain degree of contrast visually.

They are usually coordinated with the main color in the color system, which is also the most common.

For example, the top / bottom is shallow and deep, and the top / bottom is composed of the opposite main color; The upper part is deep and the lower part is light.

The lower part of the upper color system is composed of one main color.

(3) Split colors, such as red and green, have no direct opposition, but visually form obvious changes in hue, hue, lightness and purity.

For example, red matches green.

For example, the upper part is shallow and the lower part is deep.

Visually, the lower part forms a tone of lower light and upper deep.

(4) The opposite color is the legend in the figure above.

Red is positive red and green is bright red that does not favor any color.

They form four visual effects: hue opposition, lightness opposition, purity opposition and lightness opposition.

2、 Color principle of Yoga Pants 1.

Black, white and gray: now black is the most widely used color in yoga pants, but most of black is modern style.

Coats, scarves, sweaters, etc.

are very good to match.

First, choose black for the hem.

Black is versatile.

Secondly, black / Navy / gray is the best choice for the hem of knitted yoga pants.

Try not to choose wrinkle resistant silk fabric for the hem of yoga pants.

Try to choose chiffon, wrinkle free structure, chiffon fabric is more natural and breathable.


Grayscale harmony grayscale harmony refers to the gray between black and white.

Grayscale harmony is the most common color matching method among all colors, which is very versatile.

In addition to yoga pants, plain T-shirts can also be matched.

Because of the principle of gray-scale harmony, many colors will be simple and not easy to make mistakes.

But try to avoid matching too bright colors when there are few colors.


High profile gray: gray refers to a relatively low-key color, which is very suitable for daily life.

For example, gray base.

It is better to choose gray on T-shirts, which is relatively low-key.

It’s best to use dark gray in yoga pants.

High saturation Pink / orange, etc.

are not easy to control.


Dark color system: the so-called dark color system is preferably a color with high purity as black, or in a color system, black / White / gray and other colors with different shades are combined to form a color scheme.

Such collocation can be relatively conservative and not easy to make mistakes.


Neutral color: neutral color refers to a certain color with color tendency, such as olive green, khaki, gray, etc.

Neutral colors are very versatile and suitable for all collocations.

There are ten common smart color combinations: black, white, black + camel, black + dark green, white, brown, dark green, camel, khaki, black + beige, black + Navy.

White, black, black + light pink, black + blue and so on can be included…

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