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Yogi’s theory of earth 088

Maitreya Bodhisattva in Volume 88 of the yogi’s treatise on the earth said that monk Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty translated and photographed things according to the imperial edict.

He divided the contract Sutra into the first four times.

He said: two intelligences combine their things, music and other actions change.

Please say the Sutra or not.

There are two kinds of nirvana.

There are two kinds of wisdom: one is positive wisdom, and the other is evil wisdom.

This is the wisdom, according to something to live; Evil wisdom, Yier.

Although these two intelligences depend on things, they are wise and take things truthfully; Evil wisdom and evil separation are better than reality.

By having the right religion, as the principle works, it means to move forward.

Therefore, in the known environment, righteousness and wisdom can lead to life.

Since there are cults and unreasonable actions, it means to move forward, so evil wisdom can be born in the known environment.

Non positive wisdom is born, which is bad for the known environment, but in this environment, we give up evil persistence and start positive wisdom.

Such as dark medium color, the bright lamp does not damage this color when it is born, but when it can shine, it will know this meaning.

Again and again, follow the music and receive all actions, which correspond to impermanence.

Therefore, if you reach the bitter position, you will say that your name is damaged, annoyed and forced.

If there is no bitterness and no joy, then we will practice bitterness and be called bitter persecution.

If you don’t go to that place, you should, after all, only follow and enjoy it, not to the rest.

He also gave birth to the old Dharma, and all the actions followed him knew that he was suffering.

If he reached the position of disease, he said that his name was damaged, annoyed and forced.

If you are in the position of suffering, you will be called suffering.

If you do not come to that position, you will produce such bitter causes in all your actions, and follow them, not to the fruit position.

It is also the nature of all actions, and all people are born for reasons.

They are not free, and there is no slaughterer.

If there is a slaughterer, all his actions, although impermanent, should flow continuously with his pleasure, or not make life, or even death.

Again, there are two kinds of deeds: one is to say because of request, and the other is not to say because of request.

Because of the request, the speaker said that if there is a supplementary tegara, those who are adjusted and subdued by the teaching of all actions will turn to the teaching of all actions because of the request.

Those who do not invite speakers: they say that if they make a wonderful statement in the infinite gate among hundreds of people, or if they make such statements for the master’s disciple Ananda, so as to make the Dharma stay for a long time.

Again, we should know from three reasons to absorb the perfect Nirvana: first, from Professor Suishun, second, from positive observation of all actions, and third, from forever breaking all troubles.

Those who follow the professor: remember the saying, teach the commandments, and be photographed by God.

If the Tathagata wants to remember his heart, he will illuminate his heart with three elements.

If he spreads his heart for a long time, if he destroys his heart forever, if he destroys his heart forever, if he changes his heart now.

From the beginning, we have separated from each other, thinking about what other hearts receive in the mind, as they receive, that is, it is recorded: if you have such a heart, it is said that you have been destroyed for a long time; If so, it means that there is no interminable destruction; Such knowledge is called the present.

According to the type, not according to the moment.

That is to say, it is said that God has become a stop, so it is taught in three places: first, in the present state of practice, let him make sense as reason, and cover it as reason.

Second, in his residence, let him stop thinking and open him to thinking.

Third, in the place where he stops watching and practicing, let him stop all activities, and let his troubles leave the system forever, so as to prove nirvana.

If it is said, it will make you worry from three places and get a clean heart: from the place of action, residence and dependence.

He is observing the past, the future and the present, and the name is observing all the actions.

There are three leaks, three leaks first, and there is desire to harm.

Want to harm first, but have to think hot and angry.

Think first, and pursue worry.

If everything is forever broken, say that the name will never break all troubles.

In the present Dharma, when there is peace of mind, good liberation, no phase happiness and no terror, it is named as the number of nirvana of perfection.

According to the three dharmas, we should stop living in the refuge of our own righteous name, and stop living in Zhouzhu according to his righteous name.

Which is the three: first, we should act according to the principle of internal justice, and follow the Dharma.

Second, we should follow the Buddha and hear the Dharma.

Third, we should be close to the good people in the Dharma, not to all the bad people in the external path outside the Yu Dharma.

If there are three dharmas, we should know and show that there are four kinds of practices among people: being close to good people, listening to the correct Dharma, acting like reason, and following the Dharma.

From the three edges and five aspects, we should know and prove the nirvana.

What are the three causes: first, to know all the causes of suffering; second, to deeply see all the causes of suffering, such as following the path of obedience and suffering; third, to surpass all the causes of suffering, such as sorrow.

The five aspects of cloud he: first, when the types of pain intersect, sorrow occurs, which is named after the omniscient self nature.

Second, knowing that there are seeds, which can be born, is named after the omniscient cause nature.

Third, knowing the realm of self action and knowledge is named after the omniscient fate nature.

Fourth, adhering to the concept, what I can do and what I can do, which is named after the omniscient nature of action.

5、 By observing all the actions and sufferings related to the desire world of the third world, we can break all worries and other sufferings.

When you know the three edges and five phases, you can obtain such a nirvana.

From lovely things, impermanence changes, sad heart, so it is called sorrow.

When he spoke, he was called a sigh.

Therefore, it is called bitter.

It is named worry because it has grievances inside.

Because I was confused, it was named annoyance.

It is also called worry because of the loss of treasure, absence of disease, relatives and so on.

Therefore, the second time is to speak and lament the grievances, raise the body to be tired and hot, sigh and suffer.

After this sorrow, I sigh that my body is tired and hot, and my heart is still calm inside and outside.

I say I’m worried.

After the first day, or two, three, five, ten days and nights, the moon, by that reason, the meaning is not yet peaceful, which is called anger.

Again, Huo Nan said: when you see the big dye in the bud, you are interested in learning four fears.

There are differences between good and evil.

From the four causes, the Tathagata does not share resentment with the world’s fans, but the evil separation in the world is called resentment.

How four: one, preach truth and righteousness, two, preach truth and righteousness, three, preach interest and righteousness, and four, sometimes change with the world.

Among them, the Tathagata proclaims the right Dharma according to the four principles: as before, the so-called concept and treatment principle, function principle, cause and achievement principle and Phare principle.

Therefore, the Tathagata is named French.

The Tathagata does not go to him and asks for criticism.

Therefore, what is it: it is self righteousness to return to his righteousness from the world, so it promotes criticism; The Tathagata believes that all other righteousness is self righteousness, so there is no criticism.

Only in addition to mourning, so that they can get righteousness, so they say the right Dharma to what he did.

However, all evils cling to the foolish world and reverse their delusions, which is called self righteousness and self righteousness, and there are differences, so we are encouraged to argue.

For this reason, one should know the name of the Tathagata and the truth language.

The Tathagata is also called the true language, which means that if all the intelligent people in the world agree to be there, the Tathagata is also said to be there, which means that all actions are impermanent.

If all wise people in the world agree to be nothing, the Tathagata is also said to be nothing, that is, all actions are permanent.

Again, the Tathagata’s fame, wealth and beneficial words say that those who are blind in the world can’t know from the world law, and the Tathagata is enlightened by the awareness of self appearance.

Again, the Tathagata may turn along with the world, saying that the Tathagata only lives on its own according to less career.

However, all the people of the world think about making a false name for him, such as making a false name for him, so does the Tathagata follow him.

For another thing, if you make a false name in one land, if you make a name in the rest of the land, that is, if you make a name in this matter, the Tathagata follows that.

If you cherish grievances and make grievances, you will not get the name of the truth speaker, the real speaker, the interest speaker, and the person who changes with the world.

There are four causes, so you should know that the Tathagata has no grievances.

In addition, the Buddha Buddha’s natural observation center should do righteousness, although there is no excuse, but self preach the present awareness method, which can be called as a famous sentence tattoo, and establish various Dharma differences.

It is widely said that it is like taking different door points in front, and it is the equal Enlightenment of knowledge and even name.

Repeat one cause and two edges, so that later buds can grow.

It is said that in the five product line, the seeds of trouble follow the knowledge, and it is called cause.

Similar to cause, four kinds of recognition are called fate.

And nourish their knowledge by love and greed, so that they can continue to be born at the place where they should be born.

They feel SAKAYA, also known as fate.

Among them, one is based on the four senses, which is the basis of taking and receiving.

Therefore, it creates a new set and grows in the current law.

He later became an arhat, so that all seeds are corrupt, and all buds will never grow.

There is another one, with all ties, diligent correction, happy nirvana, everywhere in all living places, disgusted and rebellious thoughts.

They are bound, so the seeds are not bad, recognize harmony, but they have disgust and reverse thoughts, so they have no joy and greed.

In this way, the reason is to amend the behavior.

In the present law, it can be nirvana.

After that, there are buds and can not be born..

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