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9 Yoga pigeon variants to test your yoga skills!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Today I compiled 9 pigeon variants.

It’s time to test your yoga skills through these 9 variants! Tips: the difficulty coefficient of the 9 variants increases gradually.

When you reach your limit, you should stop at enough and safety first! 01 the simplest version, when practicing, pay attention to the hip must be straightened to keep the spine in an extended state, and the front calf should be parallel to the hip as much as possible.

02 add torsion on the basis of the simple version.

Pay attention to practice on both sides to balance! 03 instep close to elbow began to increase the difficulty.

This variant began to need more participation in chest.

04 variant with prayer.

Pay attention to hip straightening during practice.

05 this difficulty increased again.

Xiaobian began to hold.

06 this variant not only tested the flexibility of hip, but also needs to open shoulder and chest.

07 this variant requires both hands to grasp the instep back, Xiaobian can’t hold it anymore.

08 practicing pigeon style requires good arms, shoulders and core strength.

It is suggested that you can practice more four columns and inclined plates to strengthen your arms and core strength at ordinary times.

09 hahaha, it is the most difficult to practice pigeon style without the help of blue basin friends.

Finally, enjoy some beautiful photos of other Jia people practicing pigeon style.

Finally, you need to remind everyone, Asanas are only a part of yoga.

Don’t compare asanas! After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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