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After 13 years of yoga, she lived like a “fairy sister” at the age of 38

Today, I’d like to introduce a little yoga sister from Italy – Eugenia tocquez ins account @ evgeshayoga yoga.

She is 13 years old and 38 years old.

She lives like a “fairy sister” There is no fat temperament on her.

Big stars have a husband who loves her.

A lovely daughter lives in the mountains near the lake far from the urban area.

She doesn’t have to do anything else every day.

She practices yoga, teaches yoga and looks at her figure and appearance.

Can you really see that she is 38 years old and has a baby who is nearly 10 years old? To tell you the truth, Xiaobian really didn’t believe it when she first saw the photo of her yoga with her husband.

The most advanced way for Yoga women in the world to show off their wealth is to boil their husband into a father and turn their daughter into sisters.

When fans asked her how she did it, Eugenia said on INS: “This is all brought to me by yoga.

My family loves yoga.

Yoga brings me health, happiness and love.

It makes me feel younger and younger.” Eugenia started practicing yoga 13 years ago.

The first eight years were intermittent practice, so her progress was very slow.

To be honest, seeing her group of comparison pictures, Xiaobian thought she started practicing yoga in 2014.

In fact, she had practiced yoga for 8 years at that time.

Therefore, don’t ask why it didn’t work and why progress was so slow.

The world is very fair.

You pay more Less, the harvest must be equal.

Since 2014, Eugenia has insisted on practicing yoga every day.

She clocks in every corner of the family.

She reads while Yoga friends come, plays the piano and yoga.

Even in winter, she has to pull her husband to practice yoga together.

It’s not too sweet to show love every day.

Go out and play.

She always wears yoga clothes and takes her baby to practice yoga.

Yes The happiest thing for Yoga women every day is to practice yoga with their daughter.

They will never grow up together.

They insist on practicing yoga every day for five years.

Ugnia’s progress is amazing.

At the age of 38, her abdominal muscle state is not very good.

All kinds of difficult movements are gradually getting.

Now they have begun to take advertising yoga courses to practice yoga.

Sure enough, they are calculated by years There’s no need to rush to repay yoga because sowing and harvest are really not in the same season.

It took Eugenia 13 years to change from an ordinary Yoga lover to an excellent yoga instructor.

Why should you worry when you just started yoga? The world won’t favor anyone who gets something for nothing.

Of course, it won’t disappoint anyone who works silently, so I hope those who Yoga students who are walking on the road during the most difficult period must insist on believing that they will live the life they want in the end ▼ teacher wechat ▼▼ the recommended points for good classes and good things in the near future are selected yoga products in the lower left corner..

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