After yoga, I found that my body can change freely n n

After practicing yoga, many people are surprised to find: ah, my body can change so freely! Those seemingly difficult postures and movements, after you make a little progress and practice every day for a period of time, you will find that you can also achieve them.


Compared with yourself, don’t compare with others.

When people in a room can easily bend their bodies, do you feel extremely ashamed when you can’t even touch your feet with your fingers   Some people practice yoga until they strain their muscles.

Some people think the movement is “too difficult” and give up after practicing it once or twice – don’t want to be the wounded soldier who gives up halfway? The secret is to compete with yourself, not with your classmates.

Calm down, close your eyes and feel your little progress: slowly extend your fingertips on the instep of your feet to the maximum, then hold this position and breathe deeply – until you are calm.


Remember to move every day.

Sit at work, drive on the way home, turn on the computer or TV when you get home…

Compared with men who often like to play football and take a walk, most women seem to be inactive.

  So men laugh at women: they shout about losing weight all day, don’t they? They’d rather sit there hungry than move when they’re full! Yoga is gentle, but it also needs your persistence.

When watching TV or listening to music, don’t make couch potatoes, spread out yoga mats, maintain a posture you can bear, and let your tired body stretch out – let’s move your shoulders, spine and even internal organs.

The accumulation of each day is for future health.


Quietness is more powerful than form.

I am not an idealist, but I have to admit that yoga has a more obvious effect on soothing the mind than the so-called sculpting the body and regulating the meridians.

A very important part of yoga is meditation.

My friend said that if there is nothing wrong, he can meditate alone for an afternoon without feeling boring.

As a spiritual practice, the links of meditation, breathing and relaxation in yoga are even more important than completing a standard yoga movement.


“Meditation” – the perception of the body.

Meditation is to let your mind really return to your body itself.

A quiet mind has more power to soothe the mind than external yoga posture, and yoga is a perfect journey of the mind.


Yoga is like a mirror, in which you will find the strength and weakness of your constitution, the tenacity and weakness of your character, and so on.

After several years of yoga practice, I have a deeper understanding of myself, my body, my personality and my way of thinking.

Some members worry about whether they can’t stick to it from the first time.

In fact, this is also a reflection of their personality characteristics.

In fact, please don’t doubt your patience and persistence.

As long as you learn to find the changes brought by yoga, I believe you will fall in love with yoga like them.

6., many schools of yoga are “quiet as a virgin, moving like a rabbit”.

Each genre has different practice methods.

The traditional Hatha Yoga will make you feel that its gentle and Dynamic Yoga will make you feel that yoga can be so challenging, and yoga meditation will lead us to another insight into ourselves.

There is such a rule, of course, this is not absolute.

People with quiet personality generally like quiet and stretch classical yoga, while those with lively personality like exciting and dynamic flow yoga.

In fact, in this materialistic society, we really need yoga, which can bring us complete relaxation and spiritual satisfaction after a hard day.

When practicing yoga, we should put an end to the way of “drawing ladles according to the gourd”.

We not only master some postures, but also our heart and consciousness.

“Breathing, posture and consciousness” are integrated into one, which is the real yoga.

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