Benefits of yoga “nauli” and its practice methods (Classic)

On the way to yoga, whether you are in yoga or paying attention to the shape of the abdomen in the figure below, will you think of the face of aliens? Many people see this association, so some foreign social media websites directly call it “alien yoga”.

Its original name is nauli.

It is a yoga content that realizes abdominal massage and exercise through bandha practice.

So far, it has a history of thousands of years.

With the rotation and agitation of the abdomen, nauli method can mobilize the abdominal internal organs and muscles horizontally and vertically, just like the washing machine is starting, and the internal organs are the clothes to be washed.


The advantage of Yoga Naoli, which is still a new abdominal exercise in China, needs strong strength and concentration, because in this process, practitioners need mental concentration, learn and master the ability to separate muscles, especially the control of rectus abdominis (six abdominal muscles), which needs strong core strength to control.

In the process of practice, abdominal organs, such as stomach, liver, spleen, bladder, gallbladder, pancreas and large and small intestines, can help the body reduce stomach fire, clear toxins and aid digestion through large-scale peristalsis.

In addition, the practice of bandha can also stimulate the solar plexus and assist the flow of body energy, so as to make the mind clearer, accelerate body metabolism and improve the immune system.

In terms of practice time, we generally recommend fasting exercise in the morning, or 5-6 hours after meals.

Before practicing in the morning, please drink a cup of warm water to moisturize your body and supplement the water lost at night.

If conditions permit, it would be better to add a slice of lemon.


Taboos and precautions for practice basically, the above beneficial aspects will be gained by all Jia people who are willing to spend time practicing nauli Dharma.

Of course, if conditions permit, practicing with experienced practitioners will be more beneficial to your improvement and avoid some unnecessary visceral damage in practice.

In particular, it should be noted that if the body and mind are in a state of high pressure, suffering from heart disease, hernia, ulcer and gastrointestinal disease, please try to avoid this exercise, because it involves high-frequency and deep breathing, which is not conducive to the health and recovery of the above-mentioned people.

If others feel any discomfort during practice, please respect their body’s feelings and stop immediately.

Finally, pregnant women should not practice at any stage of pregnancy.


How to practice? We generally recommend that the practitioner use the simple Naoli method.

The specific steps are as follows: stand in mountain pose, and open both feet to be the same as or slightly wider than the crotch.

Knees slightly bent, upper body slightly forward.

Keep your arms straight, your hands on your thighs, and your ten fingers open naturally.

After inhaling deeply and slowly, quickly exhale the gas out of the lungs, practice breath holding and abdominal contraction, and try to gently push the rectus abdominis forward for about 5-10 seconds.

After that, relax the rectus abdominis and inhale slowly.

Repeat steps 1-6 and feel and control the contraction of the right abdominal muscle; After that, change the left side to practice nauli method, which requires strong abdominal core strength, and practicing abdominal contraction method is the premise.

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