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Can you breathe? Yoga breathing practice is good, the stomach is big

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Abdominal breathing is a necessary item in yoga.

It is a very important part.

Breathing right can not only help us relax our body and mind, but also help us lose weight! Regular use of this breathing method can regulate physical and mental health and expel turbid Qi from the body.

In yoga breathing practice, we often call the breathing method pranayama.

Pranayama is composed of two words, “prana” and “Yama”.

Prana means energy and life source.

Yama means regularization and control, which means to let your Qi run regularly in your body, which will affect your energy and nervous system.

Today, Xiaobian has sorted out two breathing practice methods.

As long as you practice breathing, you can not only lose your belly, but also help you solve the problems of low back pain and cervical pain.

Don’t doubt it.

It’s so wonderful! 1.

Abdominal breathing: lie on your back on the mat, bend your knees and put your hands on your abdomen and chest.

Now try to close your eyes, inhale and feel your abdomen slowly bulging outward.

When you exhale, feel your navel looking inward and downward for your spine.

Breathe as deep and long as possible, and fully feel your body tips: practicing abdominal breathing can not only help your intestines and stomach peristalsis, but also massage your psoas major muscles, It can also solve the waist pain.

Adhering to abdominal breathing for a long time can also strengthen the strength of transverse abdominal muscle and help thin abdomen! Let’s observe the lower abdominal breathing from the state of sitting and standing on the side.

Pay attention! The shoulders must not rise with the breath, which is why many people can’t breathe.

Breathing with the shoulders for a long time is easy to cause shoulder and neck tension.


Prepare for diaphragmatic breathing.

Prepare an extension belt, place the extension belt in the middle of the back and waist, cross each other forward, hold both ends of the extension belt with both hands, inhale, and feel the outward expansion of the ribs, When the diaphragm drops and exhales, feel the ribs retract, and the diaphragm rises.

At this time, gently stretch the band with both hands to help the ribs retract more.

Be careful not to use too much force.

Just apply a little pressure.

Tips: do you know? Using the stretching belt to assist in breathing can also solve the problem of rib valgus! At the same time, I still remind you not to shrug.

When practicing breathing, you should fully feel the changes of abdomen and chest! 3.

Prone exercise and then observe abdominal breathing from the back.

Why can you relax the psoas major muscles? Lie prone, close your eyes, relax your body and mind, especially inhale from your shoulders, and feel the whole abdomen like a balloon full of air.

Even the whole lower back feels the trend of expansion force.

Please pay attention to the green arrow exhale on the picture, and the navel looks inward for spine tips: be sure to calm down and feel it! Modern people are especially easy to be nervous, anxious and emotional! This is also closely related to the breathing mode.

Practice more breathing and bring the Yoga spirit to your daily work and life.

You will find it easier to be satisfied and happy-.

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