Controlling the fluctuation of mind consciousness is yoga. There are five changes of mind. How many do you know?

There are five kinds of spiritual changes, including painful and painless.

They are: correct knowledge, wrong cognition, illusion and imagination, sleep and memory.

Correct knowledge: the source of correct knowledge — direct perception, inference and evidence of classical truth.

Correct cognition is the basis of correct action.

When intuition is not enough to obtain a complete understanding of the observed object, we can also use reasoning and the classics of philosophers and saints.

False cognition: false cognition occurs because the knowledge of certain things is not based on the real image.

When we are framed by past experience and present conditions, such as viewing a curled rope as a snake in the dim light, the fear comes from wrong cognition.

These mistakes may be identified later or never, and become the source of our persistence.

Practicing yoga can help us identify and control wrong cognition.

Illusory Imagination: illusory imagination occurs only by hearing words or seeing certain phenomena, which has no real basis.

It is called illusory imagination.

When we mistakenly think of the rope as a snake, there is at least one rope, while the “illusion imagination” has nothing, just a rumor of words and implied meanings.

Sleep: changes in the mind are unconscious due to sleep.

Sleep is a habitual and regular state for life like us.

In this state, our subconscious is still active and affects the changes of our mind.

We should try to avoid those dull and heavy sleep.

Memory: when the mind changes due to things, the past experience and things that have not been forgotten return to consciousness, which is memory.

In fact, we don’t need to explain what all kinds of memories everyone has.

What we need to know is that we can’t identify whether that memory is true or false, incomplete or fictional.

The above points out five changes in the mind that we must control.

Only by letting the mind avoid change will the inner light of peace arise and our nature be revealed.

These can be achieved by practicing yoga…

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