Five elements meridians Yoga: strengthen physique in an all-round way, dredge meridians, stay away from diseases and glow every day

There are many women in their 40s.

Time seems to be very kind to them.

They can hardly see the traces of time on their faces.

Like Li Bingbing, the goddess of frozen age, although she is 45 years old, she has found a boyfriend of financial executives 16 years younger than herself, relying on the figure and appearance of a 20-year-old girl.

This is due to their better maintenance than ordinary people.

When we pay special attention to external skin care, they have already turned to internal conditioning and maintenance.

Five elements meridians Yoga   There are many kinds of yoga for girls, but she prefers the five element meridians yoga, which is slow and can dredge the meridians.

Wind blowing tree type and antenna type can dredge lung meridian, expel toxin and clear turbidity, and improve dark yellow face; The two handed snake pose can open the bladder meridian, dispel dampness and keep out the cold, and the body is light and energetic; Closed lotus and Lark style moisten the Heart Sutra, nourish the heart and protect the spirit, and prolong life.

Li Bingbing said that no matter how busy he is, he will take time to practice five element Yoga for an hour to nourish the internal organs of the body and make the skin tender and shiny.

Chen Shu is also the “old driver of five element yoga” who insists on practicing, not only by himself, but also with his husband and children.

With the growth of age, the aging of body organs, such as ovarian aging, breast disease, uterine aging, internal organ aging, etc…

while the five element Yoga penetrates into the body through the posture method to slightly regulate the meridian energy of the twelve meridians and the Ren Du two meridians.

Individual exercises can promote the human body to massage internal organs, stretch and squeeze through unique postures, cooperate with the stimulation of relevant acupoints, and act on the meridians and acupoints of the whole body.

So as to let the body expel the negative emotions accumulated in the body, so as to get rid of sub-health and make your external body younger.

Seeing here, you may think that stars have good natural aptitude and can maintain by practicing yoga and dredging meridians.

In fact, ordinary people can also beat years by five element meridians yoga.

The person who says these feelings is wheat.

She is the mother of a 42 year old child, an advocate of five element meridians yoga and an authorized trainer of Buna international Yoga Institute in India-   wheat  – Ten year Yoga study road authorized trainer of international Yoga Institute in Buna, India authorized trainer of Yoga & Pilates physiotherapy qualification of Netherlands physiotherapy Institute    If you are suffering from obesity, Qi deficiency and aging, I strongly suggest that you will gain something after reading the article.

Once a fat and black little girl, you can’t imagine that the wheat used to be a fat girl with low blood sugar, low blood pressure and love to get sick.

At that time, she lived in the abyss of inferiority every day.

Other girls love to go shopping, but she never goes shopping because she has no temperament in any clothes.

When traveling, her best friend asked her to take a group photo with her.

She always stood in the corner, blocking her body with bags or clothes.

My peers, why do I look like my aunt, but they have more and more charm? Unwilling to be an ugly duckling for a lifetime, wheat began to go on a diet and take diet pills.

Because of her poor health, she doesn’t like sports.

She feels very painful every time she moves.

What’s more painful is that her hypoglycemia, hypotension and vertigo relapsed.

While returning home to recuperate, Maizi passed a yoga room.

With a try attitude, she signed up for a set of five element meridians yoga class.

Through simple stretching, it can promote qi and blood circulation, dredge meridians, so as to achieve the effect of health care, anti-aging and beauty retention.

Unexpectedly, in just 20 days, I looked very good and my skin was tender.

Now I’m better and better.

I almost thought I was a father and daughter when I went out with my husband.

And the body has become more and more healthy, and the problems of hypoglycemia and hypotension have all disappeared! Since then, Maizi has been deeply attracted by the five elements meridians yoga.

She spends almost all her time studying and thinking about yoga.

When washing, eating and taking a car, she uses all the conditions around her to learn.

In the process of learning, Maizi found that ancient yoga and the five elements meridians of traditional Chinese medicine can complement each other.

After the two are combined to form the five elements meridians yoga, it can better adapt to the physical toughness of Guoguo people.

First dredge the meridians: dredge the kidney, stomach and other meridians, accelerate the elimination of toxins, give the body a “big sweep” and regain the girl’s muscles; Re meridian maintenance: 6 general formula to smooth Qi and blood, balance yin and Yang in the body, and restore a healthy and young state; Finally, meridian Nourishment: Awaken life energy through breathing, sleep and emotional regulation, physical and mental balance.

These 12 general forms can extend the limbs, promote qi and blood circulation, dredge the meridians, timely discharge toxins from the body, beautify and maintain a healthy and young state from the inside out.

Therefore, she integrated her 10-year yoga experience and knowledge into a set of five element meridians Yoga suitable for Chinese people.

This set of five line meridian yoga is very suitable for you to learn the essence of yoga.

Wheat decided to go to the birthplace of yoga in India.

In the past few years in India, she really felt the original yoga.

She “learned” from older and experienced yoga masters and discussed Yoga knowledge with local Yoga coaches with rich teaching experience.

After communicating with yoga teachers in India, Maizi went to the Netherlands for further study and became the only physiotherapy instructor in China who was exclusively authorized by the Netherlands international Yoga Pilates physiotherapy Institute.

Exchange with the international Yoga tutor Shiva, study the certificate issued by the Dutch international Yoga Pilates physiotherapy Institute, praise the five elements meridians yoga, adjust the five internal organs together, and study anti-aging.

After several years, Maizi finally has the strength to carry forward the Yoga culture.

After returning home, she began to set up training, from the small class to the large class, indoor and outdoor training, which was full.

This time, we have the honor of inviting the teacher of wheat, combined with her experience of yoga in the past 10 years, and condensed the essence into a set of video courses “five lines of meridian yoga”.

If you also want to understand the meridians, nourish the five internal organs, rejuvenate your face and eliminate diseases…

Then this set of health preserving and anti-aging five element meridians yoga may be very suitable for you to identify the QR code below, connect the meridians together, rejuvenate your face and eliminate diseases.

The offline training of Wheat teachers costs 12000 yuan.

The total length of 11 high-capacity video classes is 400 minutes, and the surprise price is only 79 yuan! Practice for half an hour every day to get rid of fatigue, fatigue, moisture, pale face, improve body deficiency, qi stagnation and blood stasis, poor posture, restlessness and gain healthy vitality.

Check your vitality plan ▼ why do you want to study meridian yoga class? 1.

Quickly expel toxins and enhance immunity.

Integrate the oriental traditional meridians and Indian yoga postures.

While extending the limbs, dredge the meridians of the whole body, massage the five internal organs, effectively regulate the nervous system and endocrine, and improve lymph and blood circulation.

The toxin is discharged in time and the immunity is enhanced, so as to strengthen the body, shape, beauty and relax the pressure.

2.12 general exercises let you bid farewell to dysmenorrhea, uterine fibroids and other common female diseases, penetrate into the body through yoga postures, and regulate the meridian energy of 12 meridians and Ren Du veins.

Since the twelve meridians have directly corresponding viscera, starting the yin-yang balance energy of the twelve meridians can regulate the viscera directly belonging to the internal collaterals.

The corresponding breathing method and posture method of each course department are combined to eliminate the negative emotions accumulated in the body, and gradually bid farewell to female dysmenorrhea, pseudomenopause and other gynecological diseases..

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