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FY + Dance Yoga | National Day holiday notice

Happy National Day FY + Dance Yoga holiday notice in this season of golden osmanthus fragrance, the mother of the motherland ushered in the 72nd anniversary.

After 72 years of trials and hardships, our motherland is thriving and booming, our nation is proud and confident, and our people are happy, healthy and energetic! The five-star red flag is flying in the wind.

Our glory FY + dance yoga studio celebrates the birthday of the motherland.

The notice of the 2021 National Day holiday is as follows: there are three days off from October 1 to 3.

Classes are normal on Monday, October 4.

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Warm tips for National Day 1.

Epidemic prevention safety advocates celebrating the festival on the spot and reasonably arranging holiday travel.

Don’t leave home if necessary.

In principle, don’t go out of the province and don’t go to high school risk areas.

Do a good job in personal protection measures, insist on wearing masks when going out, and consciously develop civilized and healthy habits such as “washing hands frequently, ventilation frequently, less gathering and one meter line”.


Travel safety during the national day, the policy of “free highway toll for small ordinary buses with seven seats and below” will be implemented.

If you travel by yourself, please check the vehicle condition and abide by the traffic rules.

Drivers and passengers should fasten their seat belts.

Minors under the age of 12 should not take the co driver’s seat of motor vehicles.

Do not drive for a long time to avoid fatigue driving.

3 home safety National Day is also a good time to visit relatives and friends and family gatherings.

When cooking, pay attention to the safe use of gas and maintain ventilation.

People can’t leave.

Close the gas valve in time after use.

At the same time, we should also adhere to home exercise.

People can maintain their exercise status through the national day home exercise course we sent before.

4 prevention of infectious diseases in autumn autumn is a high incidence season of respiratory diseases, hand, foot and mouth diseases, diarrhea and other diseases in autumn.

Parents and children should do a good job in personal hygiene, help children develop good hygiene habits, and seek medical treatment in time in case of abnormalities.

Pay attention to children’s diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more boiled water.

When eating out, eat less spicy and cold food, and don’t overeat to prevent indigestion.

All members of FY + Dance Yoga wish you a happy National Day, happiness and health! FY + dance yoga studio September 30, 2021..

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