Yoga pose | flexible hip opening

Hip rotation shronichakra (protection) exercise 1: sitting posture, straighten your legs, bend your right leg forward, put your right foot on your left thigh, rotate your right knee with your right hand and draw a circle as far as possible.

You can tilt your index finger to guide the circle to make the movement more smooth, turn 10 circles clockwise and then 10 circles counterclockwise, slowly straighten your legs, practice changing sides, rotate upward, inhale, rotate downward, exhale, and feel your knees Ankle and hip rotation and breathing full butterfly poornatitaniasana (full butterfly) exercise 1: sitting position, bend your knees, keep the soles of your feet opposite, knees outward, heels as close as possible to the perineum, hold the instep with both hands, and the inner thigh muscles are tightened, but keep relaxed and move your knees up and down slowly, Don’t use excessive force to swing your thighs up and down for 20 times.

Exercise 2: keep the soles of your feet relative to your knees and press your knees slowly with your hands, When the knee is close to the ground, bounce back by yourself, but don’t use too much force to keep relaxed.

Gently repeat 20 times to straighten the legs and relax.

Each hip exercise needs to relax and try to get the knee back to the right position, because we are likely to use knee torsion to compensate for maintaining natural breathing.

Maintaining hip joint, movement and relaxation butterfly can relax the tense inner thigh muscles, Relieve the fatigue caused by standing and walking for a long time..

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