It is said that 80% of people can’t do yoga stick Dandasana well!

On the way to yoga, you should pay attention to the stick style.

Dandasana Yoga stick style looks very simple, just keep your legs straight and sit straight.

But for beginners, it is also very difficult.

You need to start the leg strength, put your feet together, hook your feet back, push your hands down to both sides at the same time, rotate your shoulders outward and sink, and lift your chest up.

The two mistakes that beginners often make let’s take a look at the two mistakes that beginners are most likely to make.

Left: no abdominal strength is activated, the back is arched, and the hands are not on both sides of the hips.

Right: collapse the waist and push the chest forward too much.

This is the right way to extend the spine.

The spine is straight and vertical to the ground.

It is best to stick your hands to the ground and hook your feet back strongly.

Beginners can use assistive aids to practice.

Left: sitting on the pillow, the yoga belt is sleeved in the soles of the feet and the back of the sacrum: the sandbag is pressed on the lower leg, the yoga belt is fixed, the ribs are not outward, and the bricks are raised with both hands.

Right: both hands are supported on the bricks to keep the spine extended.

This posture can improve the condition of the hunchback with chest, increase the strength of the muscles around the spine, make the spine more tall and powerful, and has an excellent effect on shaping.

Repeat the simple pose.

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