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[Mind Yoga] scan the body to sleep

No.1 when an experience flows through a person, if the person is unwilling to experience or is unable to flow with that experience, it will lead to neuromuscular locking to produce a reaction of fighting or flight.

This “locking” hinders people from digesting that experience and can no longer accept new experience.

In the long run, it will cause habitual neuromuscular locking, and the whole person will become tight Self limited and unconscious No.2 the experience that has not been handled in the “lock knot” in the physical self is in a state of suffering and no human reason, that is, the “neglected self” in our relationship with ourselves.

In real life, if we can find and loosen the lock knot of muscles, it is the most basic for people who want to live creativity, peace and joy It is also a very important exercise, “scanning the body to sleep” of spiritual yoga recorded in No.3, hoping to help participants who are willing to experience find locks in a conscious way, treat their drowsiness and resistance with a friendly attitude, improve sleep with an open mind, sink into the subconscious ocean and release the accumulated pressure.

Namastesatnam article recommends [spiritual yoga] Yoga is the same.

No one is bad for [spiritual yoga] to see inward, that is, if you like meditation, click [watching] to wish you harvest physical and mental healing ▼..

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