Pain! The coach broke his leg in yoga class! Shopkeeper: up to 50000!

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What are the arrangements of our partners during the seven-day National Day Tour? Chat in the comment area to see who is more Versailles! Is there any partner who wants to take advantage of the holiday to exercise? Recently, partner Wang in Hefei, Anhui Province has suffered a lot.

A month ago, she was crushed by her teacher in her first private yoga class.

So far, she has spent 56000 yuan.

After paying 50000 yuan for compensation, the yoga studio said it would not pay compensation.

At present, both sides decided to take legal measures to solve the matter.

It’s scary! How hard it takes…

It takes time to exercise.

We must choose formal institutions.

Professional teachers understand how painful September 27 is, In order to make birthday cards for her mother, Lu’an’s daughter in Anhui Province was short of photos.

She had an idea and cut out the photos on her ID card.

Mom: she was moved and helpless.

The little cotton padded jacket was a little leaky, but it was also intentional.

It must not be easy to cut off the ID card, Henan Nanyang Mengwa just finished her homework.

Bird droppings happened to fall on her homework.

The child couldn’t help crying.

Dad: buy some delicious food and rewrite it.

Don’t open your mouth towards God when children cry.

It’s very dangerous September 27, A man was found stealing in Neijiang, Sichuan Province.

He was going to climb out of the ventilation pipe like in the film.

Unexpectedly, he knew nothing about the ventilation pipe.

He was blocked after drilling in.

He was also caught in a dilemma by 110120119.

The film is full of deceptive firefighters: come out, we’ve come to save you, and we’ve brought the police uncle to see you.

When a woman in Huaibei, Anhui Province received an interview call while playing mahjong, they kept silent and held their breath.

It was like a big man holding a secret meeting.

Then the question came.

What would the interviewer do when he saw this hot search video? That’s all for today’s news.

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