Stiff neck, sore back? Sitting in a chair can do yoga stretching, which is super effective

  Office workers can’t avoid sitting for a long time, but the longer the time, the stronger the feeling of shoulder, neck and lower back.

Sharing a set of posture that can be stretched by sitting in a chair is very good.

If you are also sitting for a long time, practice quickly! 1.

Sitting cat cow   Sit on the edge of the chair, put your hands on your knees, inhale, lift your sitting bones, expand your chest, raise your head and exhale, arch your back and lower your head, and look at your navel with your eyes.

8 groups of dynamic exercises allow the spine to extend evenly 2, lateral flexion and extension   Sit up, hold the back of your head with your hands clasped with your fingers, open your elbows to both sides, inhale, extend your chest, exhale, bend horizontally to the right, feel the left stretch, practice alternately left and right, repeat 10 groups 3, sit up, knee to chest   Sit in a chair, put your feet on the ground and inhale.

Your right leg is up close to your abdomen.

Hold the front side of the small picture with your hands clasped with ten fingers.

Your body tilts back slightly and stretches deeply.

Keep 8 breaths.

Change sides 4.

Sit in a posture and twist your spine   Sit up, cross your left thigh on your right thigh, inhale, extend your spine upward, exhale, twist your body to the left, put your left hand on the chair behind your hips, and press your right hand against the outside of your left knee to deepen the twist, maintain 8 breaths, change sides 5, sit twist + lift your legs   Sit up, stretch your arms on the side in a straight line with your shoulders, bend your elbows, clench your palms, exhale with the palm facing outward, twist your trunk to the left, inhale your left elbow backward, return your trunk to the middle, lift your arm down, and your right leg up to the ceiling, straighten your right leg and exhale, twist your trunk to the right, alternating left and right, and repeat 10 groups of 6, back exercises   Sit up, bend your elbows, 90 ° of your big and small arms, tighten your abdomen, exhale, retract your shoulder blades to the middle line for 3 seconds, inhale, relax, repeat 10 times, the team leader will identify and pay attention to the QR code of the video number below, and share more women’s health knowledge for you every day..

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