[today’s course] – Yoga Bodhisattva Precepts – 22

1、 Teachers and Lianyou who use mobile phones to watch the live broadcast can watch the live broadcast through the following live QR Code: long press the QR code to pay attention to the gosling live broadcast platform    The live broadcast course will be played back permanently.

Teachers of Dade and Lianyou who do not watch it in time can watch the playback.

2、 Teachers and Lianyou who watch on the computer can copy the following links and watch through the browser.

https://appq7ge4pdn2083.h5.xiaoeknow.com/v2/course/alive/l_ 61512505e4b04518c61837cf?app_ id=appq7ge4pdn2083&alive_ mode=0&pro_ Id = & type = 2 course handout: Supplementary information: long press QR code to pay attention long press QR code to pay attention..

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