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Try these three yoga breathing techniques when you have insomnia!

It’s a long night to check Yoga knowledge every day.

It’s really hard to suffer from insomnia.

It’s not only bad in mental state the next day, but also easy to become ugly and stupid in the long run.

When you have insomnia, the more you resist insomnia, the easier it is to be unable to sleep.

You must relax and calm yourself down.

Today, I will introduce three yoga breathing skills to you, which can help you sleep faster! Insomnia friends try it quickly! 1.

Count the exhalation directly by lying down.

Don’t always think about insomnia, but focus on exhalation.

When exhaling, recite “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” in your heart.

Each exhalation is a relaxation of the body.

When you focus on exhaling, your body and mind will be more relaxed.


Extend your exhalation   When exhaling, it can relax the nervous system and activate some nerves responsible for digestion.

Extend the exhalation so that the exhalation is 1.5 to 2 times the inhalation.

Of course, don’t prolong for the sake of prolonging.

Reluctantly prolonging will make the body more nervous.


Breathe left Yin and right Yang through the left nostril.

We know that the right nostril represents positive energy and the left nostril represents negative energy.

Press and hold the right nostril, exhale with the left nostril, and let the negative energy of the body dominate.

You will feel that the body will slowly calm down and prepare for sleep.

In addition, long-term yoga practice can alleviate insomnia! If you do simple yoga stretching before going to bed, it will also help you get into sleep faster!..

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