Vicky fly all-round air yoga training – Shanghai station in November

  VickyFly   All round air workshop     Shanghai station November 24-28 if your air class has become blank and there is no diversified knowledge to teach, if you don’t know how to change air Yoga infinitely, if you can’t make you and your students have room to improve in class, if you have a certain foundation of air practice and want to improve your ability, if someone invites you to participate in the performance of air yoga, but you don’t I don’t know how to arrange it.

If you are an air master but don’t know what single point and two-point rotation are, you must not miss Vicky’s air all-round workshop.

Vicky fly is a super rich 5 sky intensive training course.

The training contents include core training, latissimus dorsi training, hand grip strength training, leg strength training, centrifugal force training, droppeddown Body coordination and brain flexibility training and single action posture learning.

Asanas mainly learn cool American asanas, including the flow arrangement of air Yoga asanas, backward turn, rotation training and the learning of combined movements.

Air Yoga asanas integrate dance elements to show more beautiful, lightweight and elegant air yoga and bring a new air (yoga) dance experience! Teachers who like the air and want to improve the air teaching and performance level, seize the time to grab a place!    Syllabus    About this work shop 1.

Installation, cleaning and maintenance of hammock 2.

Dress and precautions for air Yoga 3.

Taboo people for air Yoga 4.

Breathing principle of air Yoga 5.

Correct muscle force point of air Yoga 6.

N methods and skills for getting up and down hammock 7.

Meditation and breathing methods of air Yoga 8.

Warm up sequence practice and detailed explanation 9.

Key points and principles of warm-up sequence 10.

Core sequence practice 11 Explanation and guidance of password 12.

Air Yoga N kinds of sun worship 13.

Air n kinds of swing 14.

Strengthening exercises and skills of body strength 15.

Development and skills of leg flexibility 16.

Development and skills of shoulder flexibility 17.

Guidance and adjustment of password 18.

Role playing exercises among students 19.

Key points and principles of core sequence arrangement 20.

Strengthening of abdominal core and low back muscles on spine Influence of 21.

Intensive exercise of pelvis and hip 22.

Basic positive position principle of pelvis and hip 23.

Basic physiotherapy principles and techniques on pelvis and hip hammock 24.

Primary exercise and detailed explanation of air posture sequence 25.

Basic inverted sequence exercise and detailed explanation 26.

Auxiliary adjustment sequence of hammock 27.

Entry of various rotation skills into hammock 28.

Essentials and principles of air posture arrangement of pelvis and hip 2 9.

Air asana sequence level I and level II, 150 + asana practice and detailed explanation 30.

Inverted sequence practice and detailed explanation of level I and level II 31.

Guidance and adjustment of password 32.

Key points and principles of course arrangement of the whole air Yoga 33.

Assessment and graduation group photo vickyfly   Daily course schedule reference    About this work shop day 1:10:00-12:00 basic theory of air yoga, taboo groups and precautions for practice of air Yoga muscles, bones and power points, installation and tying of hammock 12:00-13:00 n ways to enter hammock and spine warm-up 13:00-13:30   Afternoon meal 13:30-17:00 warm-up of small joints, strengthening exercises and methods of specific muscles, and large classes.

Private teaching uses the methods and methods of warm-up and soft opening of day2:10:00-13:00 hammock and ground   The difference between single-point and double-point hammock and the conversion skills of hammock sitting position, kneeling position, pelvic sling and standing position 13:00-13:30   Lunch 13:30-17:00 basic member class of level 1 single action explanation basic member class of level 1 single point small series 1day3:10:00-13:00   Methods and techniques of warm-up soft opening of hammock and ground to assist single action explanation of level II Basic member class 13:00-13:30   Lunch 13:30-17:00   Single point small series day4:10:00-13:00 hammock and ground warm-up soft opening methods and techniques of level II member classes to assist in the explanation of single net red punch card style of level III (high altitude).

Single point small series 13:00-13:30 of level I, level II and level III member classes    Lunch 13:30-17:00 individual explanation of level 3 (high altitude) member class, including drop foundation pendant, centrifugal inversion, variants of each pose, etc.

day5:10:00-13:00 hammock and ground warm-up soft opening methods and techniques to assist the explanation of level 3 (high altitude) single net red punch in style.

Level 3 (high altitude) member class single point small series 13:00-13:30    Lunch 13:30-17:00 basic password assessment single point rotation skills, air single point rotation dance teaching completion ceremony, certificate issuance (hand-in-hand teaching until you learn it)   Tutor introduction    About this teacher Vicky Zhou Peilin Vicky first came into contact with yoga in 2004.

She entered the Yoga classroom under the introduction of her friends.

She began to participate in training and workshops all over the world since 2005.

After learning with many famous teachers, she began to teach yoga full-time.

So far, she has 16 years of yoga teaching experience.

Astonga’s regular practice has cultivated her self-discipline, concentration and compassion.

After encountering air yoga, her love is out of control.

She likes the spiritual movement of changing and flying on the hammock; In her day-to-day practice and teaching, she realized that yoga has magical power and will make people glow with confidence and charm from the inside out.

Vicky’s practice and insight have greatly influenced her teaching.

Her classroom is full of challenges and is based on a clear positive position method to prevent injury and help students make progress.

Her strength lies in the sequence series, manipulation assistance, and the integration of the basic elements of TCM meridians and anatomical postures.

Main qualifications: ▶ National first-class Yoga referee ▶ Wuhan’s first lululemon Yoga Ambassador ▶ The first batch of e-ryt500 certified teachers of American Yoga League in China ▶ Certified air Yoga trainer, who is taught by famous air teachers such as tiffanyman and Sarah romanowsky, has been taking classes on the front line to understand the air class needs of public members, integrating the most popular and rich air pose changes and teaching skills in the market.

▶ With 7 years of air teaching and training experience, it has trained thousands of air yoga teachers, which is deeply welcomed and loved by the market    Training details     Aboutthisworkshop time: November 24-november 28, 2021 address: Laluna air dance studio “welfare” on Taihong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 1.

Unified and exquisite class clothes; 2.

Guidance and Q & A for air teaching; 3.

Certificate, air full-level general teaching materials & curriculum arrangement; 4.

Provide opportunities for teaching assistants to join the team and national teaching opportunities.

“Tuition fee:” national unified price: 5780 yuan / person    5-day early bird price: 4780 yuan / person.

Please long press the following figure to identify the teacher QR code    Registration instructions    Aboutthisworkshop 1.

The national site shall pay a unified deposit of 1000 yuan only, and make up the balance 15 days before class.


The limit is 25 people, one person and one hammock.

The registration shall be subject to the deposit..

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