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What is the ultimate experience of Yoga forward bending?

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The forward flexion is not the most in-depth, but more in-depth.

Today, take the students to see what kind of experience it is to fold forward to the extreme.

Sitting on the ground is no longer a challenge.

With your feet on the Yoga wheel, your hands can extend forward and down, and your chest is completely close to your thighs.

The divine monkey pose is not a problem at all.

The divine monkey pose with your feet on your shoulders is a deeper stretch of the back of your legs.

Double angle forward flexion and folding is not enough.

Put your hands between your feet, and your hands can extend back to support the ground.

Strengthen the side extension, the chest is completely close to the thigh, and the back heel is lifted up, which is as stable as a mountain.

On the basis of standing forward bending, the shoulders come to the back of the knees, the head is between the lower legs, and the hands can cross buckle.

It is not only necessary to open the back of the legs, but also the shoulders.

The turtle looks like an enhanced version of the double horned style, with both hands clasped tightly in the rear, focusing on the fact that the heels can be lifted up.

You can not only do it on the ground, but also do it standing without pressure.

The leg lifting sitting angle, with the shoulders in front of the knees, can also be stable.

It can’t be done without the opening of the back of the legs and core strength.

Yoga forward bending and folding can well test flexibility and open the back of the body…

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