Why you haven’t practiced yoga yet! Every woman should see

I heard that you haven’t practiced yoga yet? Is it like this? It’s not like yoga? ↓↓↓ at the age of 20, you wanted to practice yoga once.

You didn’t think it was suitable for you.

At the age of 30, you wanted to practice yoga because you had children after marriage.

At the age of 35, you wanted to practice yoga, but you were busy with your career.

Your children came home to cook.

At the age of 40, you just wanted to practice yoga.

You thought you had never practiced.

Your muscles and bones were very hard, so you simply gave up.

At the age of 50, you retired and finally had time to practice yoga The body is gradually going downhill and needs yoga, but you find that the girl who began to practice yoga in an orderly manner at the age of 20, 30 or 40 is still tall and straight, with elegant behavior and has not grown old with you…

Time waits for no one.

No matter what age you encounter Yoga, please start decisively and stick to it! When is the best time to start Yoga? The answer is: now – the message has a prize-   Today’s topic: yoga, start when you meet! Welcome to leave a message.

Before 12:00 on October 9, we will select the most lucky fans from the selected messages and send one Yoga long sleeve (4 colors optional) as shown in the figure below.

For those who have won the prize in the past, the prize will be automatically postponed to the next Jiayou ~ ▼ teacher wechat ▼ recently, Haowen Yoga people are watching it..

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