Yoga gives you a better Aura!

When you have a lot of love, love is like water full of bottles, which will overflow and be distributed to the people around you.

This is giving.

Naturally, giving makes you feel your value.

Therefore, you love life more and you are full of vitality and passion.

The journey of spiritual cultivation is lonely.

We should practice our mind according to the method of yoga.

Since yoga has existed for 5000 years, it must have a wise way to help you.

The sage said: the road is simple.

Believe it.

It’s the truth after epiphany! Are simple to lonely, and then wisdom opens ethereal Brahma flowers in loneliness.

Asana is a way to practice yoga.

Any good behavior is yoga.

In short, yoga is an energy, the energy of justice.

★ what should we pay attention to when practicing posture? 1.

Asana is a tool for communication between body and mind.

As long as the body has a sense of pulling, it’s OK.

Quietly experience the feeling of soreness, numbness, swelling and pain of the body.

According to the teacher’s guidance, use breathing to mobilize Qi and blood for healing.


Decide how long the asana needs to last according to your physical condition.

Cold, late sleep and fatigue will affect your balance and patience.

Don’t worry and compare.

Posture is just a tool to help you communicate with your body.

You decide how to use it.


Practice the same posture every day and observe the changes of the body.


Don’t doubt the efficacy of simple posture.

Many students confirmed that as long as you focus on breathing, even the simplest posture will make you sweat, tired and sleepy.

That is the consumption of Qi and blood after healing the body.

What you have to do is to respect the body’s instructions, go to bed early, sleep more and replenish qi and blood.


Don’t envy the difficult postures.

Those postures that turn your feet over your head don’t help us.

A professional dancer can practice all the difficult postures in up to 10 days, but that’s not yoga! Yoga needs to use loneliness to change the prosperity of posture.

This process is very long.

It has been used by masters for decades, and we may be longer.


If you agree that yoga is a lonely spiritual journey, pay attention to breathing and experience the tranquility of breathing.

Breathing is the soul of yoga.

Breathing helps you find tranquility.

Tranquility is the way to open wisdom.


There is no doubt about the effect of yoga on the mind.

Today’s most fashionable and expensive Psychological Hypnosis course originates from ancient yoga.

Even the method is the same.

It guides you to relax all over the body, and then input the guiding words with healing effect.

In the course, we will help you establish a healthy state of mind.


Remember to turn off your mobile phone in class.

Yoga class is a complete breath guidance.

Any sudden sound will harm your health.

The more you focus, the greater the harm.


Please arrive 10 minutes before the class.

If you need to finish the class in advance, please gently change your clothes outside the classroom.

Don’t talk in the classroom, don’t disturb others, and learn to respect others.

It is a part of the spirit of yoga.

Yoga teaches you to love yourself, teach you to be a positive and optimistic person, and let you have a better aura.

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