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Yoga net red all love to bask in this pose. How do you do it? It’s really not difficult

Ashley, a popular yoga online celebrity on INS, likes to bask in one of her favorite postures is the “enhanced side extension” variant.

Let’s see how much she likes this pose.

At first glance, it seems really difficult, but, In fact, Xiaobian thinks it’s OK.

Today I’ll share a tutorial with you.

Students can try ↓↓↓ 1.

Stretch the back and front of the thigh.

Strengthening the side extension requires high flexibility of the legs.

Both the front and rear sides should stretch, stand, bend forward, stretch the back of the thigh, stand with one leg, stretch the front of the big leg, and maintain about 10 breaths in each pose.


Open the shoulders.

Some people have stiff shoulders, You can hold your elbows together for 10 breaths, then come to the back of your hands and close your hands.

Pay attention to the external rotation of your shoulders, the adduction of your shoulder blades forward, reduce the pressure on your wrists, and keep breathing about 10 times.


Enter the posture preparation action 1.

Open the distance between your feet by two-thirds, close your hands behind you, with your right foot facing outward and your left foot buckled in, Extend the chest 4.

Enter the pose preparation action 2.

On the basis of the previous individual pose, keep the hips upright, extend the chest and fold it forward and down from the hips, and bend the right leg if necessary.


Enter the pose preparation action 3.

Straighten the right leg, bend the left leg, support the ground with both hands on both sides, bend the elbows slightly, keep the navel retracted, and the hips backward.


Enter the pose preparation action 4.

Continue to bend the left leg, Until the hips are close to the heels 7.

Enter the pose, raise the hips, straighten the legs, lift the left foot off the ground, and find the hips with the heels.

Note that the left thigh should be close to the chest.

In fact, do you think this pose is difficult? Welcome to leave a message to Xiaobian.

By the way, share your practice skills and show them to your friends.

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