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Yoga open hip practice, release negative emotions and nourish the pelvis!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! To practice yoga, the flexibility of the hip is very important.

Opening the hip helps to maintain the flexibility and stability of the hip joint, help the health of the lower back, and help meditation.

We say that irritability will exist in the womb, so it is even more important to open the hip.

Many yoga beginners are prone to hip tension.

Today we will share 8 Yoga actions, which can well adjust the tension of the lower body.

Collect and practice! 01 Zhishan sit with overlapping legs, cross sit, move the gluteal muscles backward, sit on the floor, relax the knees naturally downward, relax the arms, exhale, lengthen the spine, and retract the ribs to maintain 8 breaths.

The benefits of relaxation: stretch the hips, flexible pelvis, stand in 02 triangular extension, keep your feet about a long distance apart, and the left foot is 90 degrees outward, inhale from the left heel to the arch of the right foot to extend the spine, hold your hands flat and exhale, Bend to the right, support the ground with your left hand and extend your right hand upward to maintain 8 breaths.

The benefits of changing sides: flexible hip joint, stretch your waist on both sides, 03 goddess standing, hold your hips with both hands, keep your legs about one leg apart, extend your toes 45 degrees, exhale, bend your knees, squat, spread your hands, and extend your spine to maintain 5-8 breaths.

Restore the benefits: open your hip Eliminate the excess fat on the inner side of the legs 04 butterfly instep relative to the middle of the human body, hold the instep of the palm, inhale, straighten the back, exhale downward, look for the ground on the forehead, keep 8 breaths, restore the benefits: clean up the uterine garbage 05 half butterfly sitting preparation, bend the right knee and right heel against the perineum, spread the left foot to the left, support the ground in front of the hands, inhale, raise the head and exhale, and lean forward, Look at the navel, keep 8 breaths, restore and change sides.

Benefits: flexible hip joints, help the urinary system 06 garland feet close together, squat down, knees outward, arms forward, palm hold the ankle, relax the back, find balance, stretch the back and abdominal core, and maintain 8 breaths.

Restore benefits: clean up uterine garbage.

07 dragon style starts from downward dog style, Take a big step forward with your right foot, move your toes outward for a small step, inhale and extend the spine, exhale and attach yourself to the body downward, push your palm to the ground, chest forward, shoulder back, hip sink, keep 8 breaths, restore, change sides, 08 sleep Swan pose, start inhaling from the upper individual pose, lift and fold your right leg forward, exhale in parallel with your lower leg, sink your hip, support your elbow forward and down, keep 5-8 breaths, restore, Benefits of changing sides: open the groin and beautify the leg lines.

Keep practicing these eight actions every day to help you open your hip easily and complete the advanced steps of other postures easily! After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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