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“Yoga Pants” bring a popular personality, but also wear another kind of beauty!

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Note: the source of pictures and texts is the network, which is invaded and deleted                                                      Yoga Pants matching skills, from a practical point of view, in fact, we can use clothes to collage each other.

For example, when matching shirts, we should pay attention to matching with shirt colors; When matching pants, you should also pay attention to matching with the color of pants, and don’t paint a snake and add feet.

(the more reliable matching method here is three color matching) T-shirts are matched separately.

T-shirts in summer are matched separately.

As a lazy matching, you can choose bright T-shirts to mix and match or simple T-shirts with solid jeans according to this trend.

Try not to wear too conservative style on the top, and simplicity is appropriate.

Matching formal clothes, shirts, coats and overcoats.

Office workers are very keen on formal clothes, shirts, coats and overcoats, because dressing is the process of reflecting professional quality, but when wearing formal clothes, pay attention to the matching of ties and shoes, so as to avoid the dress of moderation.

Casual clothes and shirts are of the same color but are matched with multiple colors.

When the color of the shirt is the same as that of the shoes, you can choose a pair of boots with lace flowers on the lower body.

If it is a shirt, pants or skirt of various colors, matching with the same color is generally a good choice.

Match with wide leg pants, pencil pants, skirt wide leg pants, pencil pants, which most people like, depending on the color.

The best thing is to roll up the wide leg pants and trouser legs of the upper body.

As for the color of the shoes, it depends on the color of the skirt.

If the skirt is wider and the upper body is wider, you can roll up the trouser legs and expose half of your lower legs to save some space and look more fashionable.

Matching Hip Wrap pants and hip wrap skirt has its own “feminine flavor”, and the effect is similar to that of “boyfriend style” T-shirts.

If you think the style of T-shirt is good, you can match it with a pair of loose and slightly hip wrapped boots.

With tight pants, some people think that loose and thin will look old-fashioned.

Tight pants are not recommended.

Tight pants themselves use pants to cover the lines of clothes, but they will have a more beautiful effect under the design of high waist.

If it’s knee length tights, you should still pay attention to the treatment of ankles.

It should be noted that the waist should not exceed the height of the shoes.

For clothes with chiffon, chiffon and chiffon fabrics, pay attention to the details of legs.

White umbrella skirt and High Waist Chiffon Skirt are good choices.

Imagine stepping on the chiffon skirt or the chiffon zipper wrapped on the skirt, isn’t it very fairy.

With yoga pants, summer yoga pants and yoga pants, you can wrinkle gently and feel delicate and smooth like wearing a coat.

The fragrant shoulder, collarbone and neck in front of your chest can be exposed, and the lines should not be too clear.

Wear suspenders with clothes.

You can also wear yoga pants with suspenders alone.

If the fabric, color and style are fixed, you can match them with more T-shirts and shirts.

As a combination of folding, T-shirts and shirts, layered dressing has become more and more common.

In addition to folding at the skirt, T-shirts can be selected for neutralization or decoration at other positions…

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