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Yoga pants that enhance the sense of fashion look good and avant-garde, cool and casual

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                     The matching of yoga pants has always been a good idea for all fairies.

In particular, matching yoga pants with windbreaker or coat can not only increase the sense of hierarchy, but also help improve the sense of hierarchy of the overall shape.

Today, Xiaobian will introduce the wearing method of self-cultivation and bottoming yoga pants in autumn and winter with this year’s hot pleated skirt.

Yoga pants with this year’s hot pleated skirt is a favorite wearing method for many Fairies in autumn and winter.

The simple and neat design modifies the body proportion well, making wearing more warm and generous.

Although pleated skirt is a popular element in winter, it still has the playful and fresh feeling of slim clothes and skirts, which well highlights the fashion attitude.

At the same time, it breaks the stereotype that Yoga Pants always have pleats to accumulate high and low.

A pleated skirt can perfectly modify the body proportion and create a high-grade feeling.

Let’s see how many people call crazy for pleated skirts? 1.

It’s hot this year “Khaki – khaki is both playful and cool.

It looks like a cool old lady’s collocation.

Both the long and short styles are super good-looking! The upper body effect of the suit with white as the main color is very good.

The coat and trousers adopt carefully designed fold design to perfectly cover the shortcomings of the hips, waist and legs, making the whole look slender.


Khaki is thin Advantage, it seems to be the Savior of many fairies who don’t have enough wardrobe space.

The tops are designed with bows and thin line flounces, and the waist lines and trousers are made of PVC waist seals, which visually perfectly decorate the legs, making the whole person look long and long! 3.

Many people think pleated skirts are too hot and sexy, but they are disharmonious with flat shoes.

In fact, it is also acceptable As shown in Figure 1, wear a fresh lady style with small white shoes.

The jacket with a stronger sense of design with PVC waist seal has a hazy effect and adds some sexy effects.

As a heavy problem in winter, dark backing and light yoga pants will be a little dark, so this year’s yoga pants with light jacket or yoga pants can easily create a good bright overall shape A light pleated skirt with a black top is obviously a little abrupt in combination with dark pieces.

Coupled with the cutting, the whole outfit can also look more casual and neat…

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