Yoga pose | lying on your back around your legs to strengthen the core and open the hip

Legotation exercise 1: lie on your back on the mat, put your arms on both sides of your body, slightly separate your legs, lift your right leg 5cm off the ground, straighten and tighten your right leg, circle and inhale as much as possible within your comfort range in a clockwise direction, move your legs upward to exhale, and move your legs downward.

In the process of encircling, do not touch the mat or the ground with your heels, and turn clockwise for 10 times, Rotate counterclockwise for 10 times.

During the exercise, do not force hard to ensure that there is no discomfort at the waist.

If the waist is uncomfortable, stop practicing supine relaxation, and move the hips forward with your hands.

When relaxing, take abdominal breathing to feel the softness and relaxation of the abdomen.

Exercise 2: lie on your back on the mat, put your arms on both sides of the body, and close your legs together.

Above is one leg exercise, This time, we should practice both legs at the same time.

The intensity is relatively large.

We should do according to our ability, lift both legs at the same time, straighten and tighten them, keep both legs close together, rotate both legs to inhale at the same time, rotate both legs upward to exhale, rotate both legs downward, first clockwise for 5 times, and then counterclockwise for 5 times, and circle as much as possible.

We should be aware of the cooperation between leg movements and breathing, and feel the hip and abdomen for people who already have low back pain, This exercise should be practiced carefully.

It’s best to just practice on one leg, and then practice on both legs with the improvement of core strength.

Pressing the waist onto the cushion through abdominal strength can avoid waist pain.


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