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Yoga “Swan arm”, practice for 7 days, the arm is a small circle, and the clavicle comes out

  In this lotus variant, the arms are stretched over and the fingers are buckled.

Although it looks very simple, it is really effective.

It can reduce the weight on the arms.

Oh ~ the benefits of practicing this pose: * it can alleviate the rheumatic pain and stiffness of the shoulders ~ * it helps to strengthen the flexibility of the body and strengthen the chest* The abdominal organs are stretched inward and the chest is fully extended* Eliminate excess fat on the arm ~ exercise step 1.

Sit down in lotus posture.


Clasp your fingers and lift your hands vertically above your head.

Bend your head forward with your chin against your sternum.


Extend the arm upward from the latissimus dorsi (i.e.

the back area near the floating rib) and the scapula.

Palm up.


Hold this pose for one minute, or two deep, long and even breaths.

Change your crossed legs and clasped hands, repeat this pose and keep your back straight.

Points to pay attention to during practice: 1.

Tighten the abdomen, make the sciatic bone perpendicular to the ground, firmly tie it on the cushion, inhale, and expand the shoulders outward and backward.


Suggestions for beginners: ▲ if beginners can’t sit in the semi lotus sitting position, they can choose simple sitting.

During the practice, keep the spine straight, don’t include the chest, and put the feeling on the shoulders and chest! Precautions: 1) lotus pose requires high flexibility of ankle, knee and hip joints.

Beginners must not be anxious.

They must break and pull hard in order to do lotus pose well.

2) Warm up before practice, especially your legs.

3) Keep practicing flexible ankle, knee and hip movements.

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